Internet Information Services (IIS)

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customer experience (CX)

Cost of critical application failures revealed

Financial losses are heightened during periods of peak customer demand
5 Nov 2019
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Microsoft IIS web server under attack from hackers

The company has said that exploit code targeting the flaw was ‘not responsibly disclosed’.
7 Sep 2009
Internet Information Services (IIS)

UPDATED: Hackers could take control of Microsoft's IIS

A flaw in IIS could allow the bad guys to come in and take control.
1 Sep 2009
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Microsoft web server files open to hacking

Microsoft has warned about a bug that allows attackers to snoop on password-protected files on servers.
19 May 2009

Microsoft denies fault for massive SQL attack

The company insists that there were no vulnerabilities specific to Windows which could have allowed a massive database attack affecting over half a mi…
28 Apr 2008