Citrix ShareFile: grown-up file sharing

Steve Cassidy takes a look at what ShareFile has to offer.

File sharing

ShareFile has got the point, too: There's not one size to fit all, there are 30 sizes for 30 sectors. Just thinking about the optimum size of a dev team, and the stated size of the ShareFile workforce, that's about 10 staff per sector so actually that would explain the success, the flexibility and vigour of the development process.

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I took the offer of a demo account with some alacrity. I am a networks admin and I view the consumer-side development priorities of the mass market file-sharers with a mixture of contempt, and alarm. It only takes one irrelevant feature change and a silent password leak for those services to turn into a living nightmare, so I was keen to follow up on Jesse's offer of a trial account on ShareFile and the server-side data replicator tool to make it integrate with my home network (which as PC Pro readers will know, has nearly 30TB of disk space, six fibre connections, four switches, three firewalls and enough processing power to support about 3,000 users).


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