The office is wherever you are

As more businesses adopt flexible working policies, the office really can be anywhere

The office has changed. We don't come to the same building and sit at the same desk each day anymore. The office can be wherever you are, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. 

As more and more businesses adopt flexible and agile working policies, users need to be equipped with mobile devices that allow them to do their job effectively from anywhere. And it's not just about having all the features; if you're expecting your workers to carry their laptop with them at all times, you'll need to make sure it's thin and light enough for them to do so happily.

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Security is another key factor to consider when equipping your agile workforce, and devices like the HP EliteBook X360 can provide robust, multifactor security solutions that don't frustrate users. With an Intel RealSense camera built into the lid of the X360, users can unlock the device using Windows Hello facial recognition simply open the lid and the camera will recognise you and log you in. 

For enhanced security ITDMs can also implement a smartcard policy that works in tandem with biometric protection, and with real-time data encryption built into the X360 even a brute force attack on the machine itself won't result in your data falling into the wrong hands. 

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Even prying eyes can be kept at bay when viewing sensitive documents out in the wild, thanks to HP Sure View at the touch of a button a dynamic privacy screen can be applied, ensuring that only someone viewing the screen face on can see what it's displaying.

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A flexible worker needs to stay connected wherever he may be, and rather than relying on public Wi-Fi hotspots when in coffee shops or on the move, the HP EliteBook X360 can keep him connected via an in-built 4G LTE connection.

If you want your workforce to keep going all day, wherever they might be, they'll also need laptops that can go the distance in terms of battery life. With the EliteBook X360 you can leave the power supply at home, use the device all day, and still have juice left over by the time you turn in at night.

The office may have changed, but the need to keep your workforce productive hasn't. With modern, business focused mobile devices like the HP EliteBook X360, you can do just that, wherever your workers may be.

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