The workspace of the future

If you really want agile hot desking to work, you need to invest in the right devices and infrastructure

Agile and flexible working take many forms, whether that be working from home, in a coffee shop or in an airport. But the office itself can also be agile and flexible, as long as you have the right tools and infrastructure in place to allow it. 

It's very easy to implement a hot desking policy, but implementing one that's effective and efficient takes a bit more thought. Hot desking will never work if users are left searching for power supplies and cables every time they sit down to do some work. But with a bit of planning you can ensure that users can sit down at any desk in the office and get to work in seconds.

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The latest mobile devices, like the HP EliteBook X360, combine thin and light portability, with modern, ubiquitous connectivity. With USB-C, just one cable can get your laptop connected to an external monitor, while also charging its battery. With a keyboard and mouse plugged into the monitor, those will also instantly connect to your laptop via that single cable.

The latest HP EliteDisplay monitors will even wirelessly charge your phone just drop a wireless charging equipped handset on the monitor base and it'll start charging while you get on with your work.

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With the right equipment on the desks, and in the hands of your workers, hot desking can work seamlessly, and one potential barrier to agile working can be lifted. The office of the future can be everywhere and anywhere, including your actual office.

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