machine learning

self-driving autonomous vehicle in traffic
machine learning

Autonomous vehicles “could cut crashes by 22%”

A small increase in self-driving technology could prevent hundreds of deaths, claims TRL
11 Sep 2019
NHS cash injection

NHS places £130m bet on AI to treat debilitating conditions

Five regional Centres of Excellence are being supported with more cash to enhance AI-powered diagnostics
9 Sep 2019
machine learning

What is reinforcement learning?

We look at a method of AI development built on the idea of positive and negative feedback
6 Sep 2019
machine learning

Replaced by an AI: Would you retrain for a new job?

The government is testing a scheme to support anyone who loses their job to an AI — will businesses and their employees embrace it?
4 Sep 2019
machine learning

What is natural language processing?

Creating systems capable of meaningful conversation is one of the hardest tasks facing AI researchers
3 Sep 2019
Image of a heart monitor trace on a digital background

NHSX's £250m AI Lab to develop 'practical' treatments

The national centre will channel efforts into treating conditions like heart disease and cancer with smart tech
8 Aug 2019
Careers & training

How will we staff the IT workforce of the future?

In the face of breakthrough technologies, STEM education isn't enough
5 Aug 2019
big data analytics

How data keeps the Tour de France running

Cloud, machine learning and edge computing are driving the competition's digital transformation and fan engagement
1 Aug 2019
People watching a film in a cinema
machine learning

Once upon AI time in Hollywood

Producing a successful film has always been more an art than a science, but machine learning may be about to change that
29 Jul 2019
Silhouette of a military drone
machine learning

Google still ‘covertly’ invests in military AI projects

The Gradient Ventures AI fund supports companies with military and law enforcement drone contracts
26 Jul 2019
Faded road marking
machine learning

Government champions AI to improve UK road markings

£2 million will be use to fund the adoption of cutting-edge tech for road improvement
22 Jul 2019

NHS-Alexa deal ‘data protection disaster waiting to happen'

Health data will feed into Amazon's voice assistant but concerns mount over the fate of patient recordings
10 Jul 2019
Robot hand and human hand joining together behind a blue security shield icon on a dark background

Benefits of AI and machine learning for cloud security

AI and machine learning may not be a silver bullet, but they can still play an important part in cloud security strategies
8 Jul 2019
Merger and acquisition concept

How AI can simplify mergers and acquisitions

Artificial intelligence can help speed up M&A drudge work, but it's no cure-all
3 Jul 2019
machine learning

Is AI workplace monitoring helpful or harmful?

Clock cards and sign-in sheets have been replaced by algorithms that can predict working habits
21 Jun 2019
Cisco Live 2019
cognitive technology

Cisco says its 35-year history will give it an edge in AI

Comments come as new threat detection tools release to customers
13 Jun 2019
Big Ben Westminster
public sector

Spark portal lets AI startups bid on public sector contracts

UK gov says public services need to keep pace with private sector innovation
11 Jun 2019
Machines replacing clinicians in the NHS
digital transformation

NHS to reward hospitals for replacing clinicians with AI

Targeted financial incentives will span services such as diagnostics and outpatient appointments
7 Jun 2019
racial bias or racial profiling concept
machine learning

Companies to combat AI bias with forensic experts

New breed of specialist could help avoid in-built prejudice and rebuild consumer confidence
6 Jun 2019
AI brain
machine learning

Businesses blame resources for not explaining AI decisions

Research finds there's no 'one-size-fits-all' approach as context behind decisions matters more than anything
4 Jun 2019
machine learning

Getting hold of the data science talent your business needs

A look at some of the key skills IT leaders should consider when looking for new hires
29 May 2019
Facebook's six legged robot
machine learning

Facebook uses robots to develop its AI

Hardware running reinforcement learning is helping the social network advance its artificial intelligence research
21 May 2019

Why did HPE buy Cray?

Is the tech giant branching out into new areas, or consolidating an existing strategy?
20 May 2019
machine learning

Why diversity in AI is critical to building a fairer society

To ensure AI is able to serve humanity as a whole, it needs to be built by humanity as a whole
17 May 2019