Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event
Policy & legislation

EU rebukes Mark Zuckerberg’s regulation proposals

Calls to treat companies like Facebook as being “somewhere in between” a newspaper and a telco are rejected
18 Feb 2020
Social media button concept
Policy & legislation

Ofcom handed remit to police Silicon Valley giants

The government waters down its Online Harms proposals, but tech companies could still face fines
12 Feb 2020

How to build a cloud-based IP PBX telephony system

Move your comms to the cloud and ditch your physical PBX box
5 Feb 2020
content management system (CMS)

What is enterprise content management?

Drowning in digital assets? The right software can help you stay on top of your data
1 Feb 2020
unified communications (UC)

Google developing all in one messaging app for business

The app will combine G Suite services into one single mobile entity, according to reports
29 Jan 2020
customer relationship management (CRM)

CRMs listed as top technology priority for growing SMBs

CRM investment drives the wider success roles of sales and customer experience
17 Jan 2020
social media

Twitter to trial reply blocking tools

The company's own product manager is concerned the move could encourage the spread of disinformation
9 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

Tech firms lobby EU over harmful content liability

Companies are desperate to avoid the sanctions for failing to remove content but admit some oversight is needed
7 Jan 2020
social media

Facebook bans deepfakes ahead of US election

New guidelines might not cover the misleading viral video of Nancy Pelosi
7 Jan 2020

Small business growth kit

Tips and tools from the experts to chart your path to growth
6 Jan 2020

Small & Medium Business Trends Report

Insights from 2,000+ business owners and leaders worldwide
6 Jan 2020
customer relationship management (CRM)whitepaper

The future is now: How to jumpstart your journey to the cloud

A guide to delivering customer expectations through technology
6 Jan 2020
business communicationswhitepaper

Don't overlook your email archiving systems

Business users benefit from tools that balance productivity and compliance needs
5 Jan 2020
search engine optimization (SEO)

Google is getting worse as it does more

Search is Google’s heart, but the algorithms that run it are clearly struggling to keep up with the web
21 Dec 2019
digital marketing

Google fined €150m for anti-competitive behaviour

Tech giant's advertising practices labelled "brutal and unjustified" by French competition authority
20 Dec 2019
marketing automation

Marketing Automation Systems: A new age of marketing technology

Learn how MAS is the perfect use of your cloud deployment
20 Dec 2019
digital marketing

UK needs tougher rules to tackle online giants

Facebook and Google are too dominant in the digital advertising sector, according to the CMA
19 Dec 2019
customer relationship management (CRM)

What is CRM documentation?

CRM software can be transformative, but employees need the resources to get the best out of it
12 Dec 2019
email marketing

Let’s stamp out snail mail in 2020

Why do so many businesses prefer the postbox to the inbox?
1 Dec 2019
Twitter logo with security pictures
social media

Businesses should act fast during upcoming Twitter purge

Twitter is freeing up dormant accounts, with hugely valuable handles available to the fastest fingers
27 Nov 2019
Data & insights

How much is your data worth? And can you turn it into cash?

One solicitor, one futurist and one adtech specialist join forces to answer two questions that will rumble through the next decade
21 Nov 2019
Google 'G' sign on phone in dark room
digital marketing

Google will limit targeted advertising ahead of the UK general election

Deepfakes and misleading information will be explicitly banned, while ad targeting will be restricted
21 Nov 2019
social media

Can Wikipedia founder's social network really challenge Facebook?

Jimmy Wales has high hopes for WT:Social, but it's going to take a miracle for it to work
19 Nov 2019