Twitter job postings point to a new subscription platform

Twitter stock jumps 7% after job postings mention new subscription platform

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Twitter is reportedly working on a new subscription platform. The tech giant has posted two online job postings hinting at the new platform. “This is a first for Twitter!,” the company stated in one of the job postings. 

On its career portal, Twitter lists a senior full-stack software engineer position that talks up the new subscription platform. Per the posting, the platform is meant to be “reused by other teams in the future.” While the job description offered few specifics on the subscription platform, the person who lands the gig will join the new Gryphon web engineering team and work closely with and the company’s Payments team. 

Twitter also posted an ad on LinkedIn seeking a backend Scala software engineer based in Great Britain or Scotland. The hire will work for Gryphon and, according to the job posting, will “be collaborating to rebuild some of Twitter’s services to produce a subscription management platform.” 

A person familiar with Twitter’s plans told The Wall Street Journal the company is exploring numerous revenue-generating initiatives. At this time, though, the social media company has made no product decisions.

While Twitter isn’t ready to confirm a new subscription platform, the job postings have led to discussions about what Twitter may have in store for its users. There’s plenty of speculation that Twitter may develop an ad-free, highly customizable premium version of its social media network.

The news of Twitter launching a premium subscription service also comes just months after Elliot Management sought to oust Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Elliot Management ultimately backed off, but Dorsey has been under pressure to increase share prices

Following reports of the job postings, Twitter shares climbed more than 7%.

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