Microsoft Windows

Microsoft warns users not to install Windows 10's May update

The developer is investigating ten known issues ranging from faulty Bluetooth connectivity to broken mouse input
28 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update is causing yet more issues

Company confirms troublesome KB4556799 update is preventing 4G devices from connecting to the internet
26 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft updates Edge with extension sync, sidebar search and other features

New browser features added for developers and information workers
20 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

FedEx and Microsoft team up to transform commerce

FedEx Surround to provide businesses with near real-time shipping analytics
20 May 2020

Microsoft Build 2020: More than 50 products unveiled during online-only conference

Cloud, collaboration and AI take centre stage at this year’s developer conference
20 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

PowerShell vs CMD: Unlocking the Power of Windows

We explore the power of Powershell and why it's a worthy successor to the command line crown
18 May 2020
Network & Internet

Microsoft tests built-in DNS over HTTPS for Windows 10 client

Users can activate the service to encrypt internet traffic from all apps and services at source
14 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft releases Windows 10 May 2020 Update to developers

Consumers will have to wait till the end of the month, but developers can get their hands on it now
13 May 2020

Wunderlist creator wastes no time announcing new Superlist productivity app

Microsoft is shutting down Wunderlist, but its original creator has a replacement
6 May 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft shifts Windows 10X focus to single-screen devices

The change in strategy signals that Microsoft's dual-screen devices will be kicked further into the long grass
5 May 2020
Windows 10 menu
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 May 2020 Update delayed after zero-day discovery

The corruption-reporting bug is among a set of vulnerabilities being ironed out by developers
4 May 2020
HoloLens 2

Microsoft is reportedly working on a virtual multi-monitor app using HoloLens

The leaked app could bring multimonitor setups into virtual reality
28 Apr 2020
Hard disk
Microsoft Windows

Making the most of Disk Management on Windows 10

We look at why disk management is important, how to do it, and its benefits
28 Apr 2020
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 update reportedly crashing computers and deleting user files

Recent Windows update causing nightmare situations for users, but you can fix it
24 Apr 2020
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 1809 support to continue through November 2020

Microsoft makes moves to extend support services another six months
16 Apr 2020
Windows 10 menu
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft delays end of support for older Windows 10 releases

Coronavirus knocks back final updates to iterations of the flagship OS released in 2017 and 2018
15 Apr 2020
operating systems

Meet the new Windows PowerToys

Originally an add-on for Windows 95, PowerToys are back for Windows 10. Here’s how you can use them to tweak Windows to suit your preferences and work…
15 Apr 2020

Report: Microsoft Surface Neo delayed until 2021

Microsoft turns its focus to equipping single-screen devices with Windows 10X
9 Apr 2020
Microsoft Windows

Make Windows boot faster

Is your PC bogged down by self-launching apps? Here's how to audit and manage everything that runs at startup
9 Apr 2020
cyber security

Microsoft gobbles up domain to keep it from hackers

Microsoft may have spent nearly $2 million to protect companies from their own flawed networks
8 Apr 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Editor goes head to head with Grammarly

Microsoft looks to improve your writing with new Grammarly competitor
31 Mar 2020
Microsoft Windows

Microsoft puts Windows development on lockdown

The tech giant will only work on essential security updates for all Windows iterations from May onwards
25 Mar 2020
Microsoft Windows

Windows Defender bug causes files to be skipped during malware scans

Early investigations suggest the issue may relate to a recent botched Windows 10 update
23 Mar 2020