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Of course the software has been upgraded too. Samsung has continued to place a heavy emphasis on gesture-based technology.

Operating system:The S4 features the latest version of Android - Jelly Bean 4.2.2. It also comes pre-loaded with Samsung's TouchWiz overlay.

Samsung Smart Scroll:This allows users to scroll through web pages and messages without touching the screen. It does this by tracking the movement of your eyes and recognises the movement of your wrist. However, it remains to be seen how consistent this feature is.

Samsung Smart Pause:Theoretically, this will pause a video you are watching when you are away and then start up again when you look at the screen. Again, we reserve judgment on this until we see it in action.

Dual Camera:Another unique feature that allows users to take simultaneous photos and videos with the the rear and front cameras. The software then blends the pictures together, so the person taking the picture is not left out.

Air View:By hovering fingers over apps such as email, S Planner, image gallery or video, users will see a preview of content. It will also be possible to magnify the view on a webpage.

Air Gesture:Allows users to change music track, scroll up and down a web page, or accept a call by waving their hand over the screen.

S Voice Drive:Once connected to a car via Bluetooth, the phone automatically turns into driving mode converting text to speech so you can check messages with no need to look at the screen. The device will also accept voice commands so you don't get distracted.

Optical Reader:This will recognise content such as a text, a business card or QR code and provide translation, call, text message and search functions.

Samsung WatchON:Allows the S4 to be used as an IR remote to control your TV, set-top box, DVD player and even an air conditioner if you have one. We've seen this feature with the HTC One.

Story Album:This curates content including SNS posts, memos, location and weather information, as well as photos and videos, to create a photo album which is personalised around your timeline of special occasions and events. This is becoming standard feature in devices offered by manufacturers.

Group Play:Allows user to share music, photos and games with other devices in your vicinity without requiring a Wi-Fi or 3G.

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