Web browser

Web browser

Despite coming bottom in a recent IT Pro group test for web page loading times, the BB10 internet browsing experience is very pleasant.

Pages load reasonably quickly, it supports Adobe Flash and it is easy to zoom in and out using the familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture.

The browser boasts a number of key features, including a Reader function that makes viewing web pages easier by reformatting content in a more smartphone-friendly way.

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Similarly, users have the option in the settings menu to increase the font size of any pages they want to view. This could come in handy when combined with the Shared Screen feature as it will reduce the risk of eye strain when people try and share web content.

It also allows users to have multiple tabs opened at once, and it is very easy to navigate between them. All you have to do is press the square icon with the number in it next to the browser bar, and this should reveal a long list of all of your active tabs.

Users also have the option to activate private browsing, as well as set rules on how often they want their internet history cleared.

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