Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 review

Lenovo serves up its first Windows 8 tablet for business, but is the ThinkPad Tablet 2 worthy of such a famous name?


The ThinkPad is powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 much like other Windows tablet allowing it to support legacy apps. The chip runs at 1.5GHz, and it's hardly going to set the world alight: there's only 1MB of L2 cache, two cores, and the integrated Intel graphics core is clocked to just 533MHz.

The Atom scored a meagre 0.17 in our application benchmarks a little behind the 0.22 scored by the Dell. It's not enough to run intensive business applications, but Microsoft Office won't prove unduly taxing, and Windows 8 was fluid and responsive throughout our testing.

Performance is a letdown, which makes the ThinkPad 2 hard to recommend.

Elsewhere, there's dual-band 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth 4, a 64GB SSD and 2GB of RAM. The integrated battery lasted for an admirable 11hrs 46mins in our light-use test. The Dell, though, extracted 12hrs 35mins from its standard battery and its expanded four-cell power pack lasted for a mighty 27hrs 8mins.

Options and upgrades

Lenovo provides a range of optional upgrades for the Tablet 2. A desk stand doubles as a docking station and provides two USB 2 ports, an HDMI output, 10/100 Ethernet and audio jacks, and it'll set you back 81 inc VAT. A Bluetooth keyboard costs an expensive 133 inc VAT, and a DC to USB adapter allows for in-car charging but Lenovo hasn't been able to tell us how much this will cost.

Mobile workers will be pleased with the option for mobile broadband, although opting to install an unlocked Ericcson G5621 modem isn't cheap it raises the standard tablet's 570 inc VAT model to the 699 inc VAT price we've quoted here. Adding NFC into the rear of the device costs an extra 11 inc VAT, too.

There are several warranty options that can augment the standard one-year deal, too. Two-year RTB and on-site deals cost an extra 39 and 58 respectively, and adding accidental damage protection raises the price to 105. Three-year options cost 86, 120 and 185.

Overall, it's hard to recommend the ThinkPad 2 especially when the Dell Latitude tablet is more versatile. The Dell has business friendly features including removable and extendable battery, and it's just as sturdy on the outside. It also comes with a Wacom-compatible stylus.


The Lenovo looks like a ThinkPad but, in several key departments, it doesn’t offer the quality we’ve come to expect from such a famous brand. The screen isn’t as bright or punchy as the Dell Latitude’s similarly-sized panel, the Lenovo isn’t quite as fast, and the Latitude has a flexible battery that lasts longer. It’s good, then, but not good enough to oust the Dell from the top of the business tablet pile.

OS: Windows 8 64-bit Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760 RAM: 2GB DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics  Display: 10.1in 1,366 x 768 IPS Storage: 64GB SSD Connectivity: 802.11n dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, mobile broadband Ports: 1 x USB 2, 1 x mini-HDMI, 1 x microSD, 1 x audio Dimensions: 263 x 164 x 10mm (WDH) Weight: 600g Warranty: 1yr RTB

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