Citrix Synergy 2013: Citrix unveils new MDM capabilities to help CIOS go mobile

XenMobile Enterprise will help firms manage apps, data and devices, Citrix claims.

Citrix has responded to the growing BYOD phenomenon by launching a mobile device management (MDM) solution that manages more than just the device itself.

Dubbed XenMobile Enterprise, the solution helps enterprises get a handle on the management of apps, data and devices as simply focusing on one of those components is not enough, according to Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

Imagine one of the apps stores Google or Microsoft or Apple without the ability to add more apps and more developers. It would be useless.

The solution supports a broad array of devices and enables workers to view and edit documents wherever and whenever as if they were in the office in addition to providing one-touch access to support thanks to the integration of Citrix GoToAssist.

"[Mobile] is dominating mindshare across organisations. I hear the same thing from CIOS: I want to mobilise my business.' It's Bring Your Own Everything' now," Templeton said during his keynote speech and the Citrix Synergy conference in LA.

"We're seeing the pace of change pick up. In recent years, it has grown in magnitude and velocity. We're not built for this. This is uncomfortable. You need a strategy for this," he added before citing two different approaches he has heard in recent engagements with CIOs.

He said he met with the CIO of a large beverage company who said his organisation's strategy was DOS. Rather than referring to an age-old operating platform, he meant Don't own stuff' according to Templeton.

In the second example, this time focused on the CIO of a large bank, the strategy as MAC. But, again, instead of this being a sign of devotion to Apple, it actually translates as Moves, adds, changes.'

Moving forward, organisations will support myriad of device approaches ranging from corporate-owned and issued devices to Bring Your Own and Choose Your Own, according to Templeton.

"It's not enough to just manage apps. It's not enough to just manage data. You've got to bring it all together to provide a beautiful consumer-like mobile experience. It takes three things. The first is you have to have infrastructure to manage the mobile lifecycle from beginning to end. You have to add to that ways of users to be productive with mobile apps and data designed for business. The third thing you need is a platform that extensible where you can add your own apps, third-party apps and developers have the tools and ecosystem to actually continue to expand that," he said.

"Imagine one of the apps stores Google or Microsoft or Apple without the ability to add more apps and more developers. It would be useless. We think these things that are required and that's why we really super excited to be introducing XenMobile Enterprise here today. It's a revolutionary platform for mobilising your business."

Referencing the digital natives now entering the workplace, he added: "The web is built for this generation but our IT infrastructure has never been built for this generation. Mobilising [will help] get the best of the best into organisations and retain them."

The solution will be available from June with licensing options on a per-user or per-device basis with annual or perpetual contract terms.

To complement the new MDM solution, the company also launched a business mobile app market which already features more than 80 offerings from a number of big names, including cloud storage and collaboration specialist Box, which competes with Citrix's own ShareFile offering. This isn't a conflict of interests though, according to Citrix CMO Steve Daheb, who believes it's just responding to users' needs and giving them freedom of choice. 

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