WWDC 2013 and iOS 7 launch : Live blog

Apple's developer conference kicks off at 6pm BST today. Our live blog will cover the news as it happens.


18:18Cooks says that illustrates the power of developer apps and iOS devices.

18:15:Showcasing Anki Drive - cars that can sense the track and other drivers. Few initial teething problems with the demo, but then it all goes fairly smoothly. The other cars are on a mission to block the car dubbed 'Aidan' who is "equipped to handle any situation". Voice says 'weapons enabled' and then the other cars disappear. "We're taking all of the things you love about video games and programming them onto things you can actually touch," the founder says. And you can control Anki Drive - out today - using your iOS-based device.

18:13:Launch of Anki, which is bringing robotics and AI technologies "out of the labs and into people's lives" thanks to iOS devices.

18:10Apple App Store celebrates its fifth birthday next month. Some 50 billion apps have been downloaded so far. There are 575 million accounts registered (more than any other store on the web, says Cook) and 375,000 iPad apps on offer. "We are proud to announce we have paid developers more than $10 billion dollars. Five billion of that in the last year," Cook says. "To put that in context, that's three times more than all the other platforms combined."

18:08:407 stores around the world and operating in 14 countries. Most recent store opened in Berlin in a 100-year-old building.

18:06Apple has more than six million registered developers, with 1.5 million of them adding in the last 12 months. WWDC sold out within one minute, illustrating the mammoth demand for Apple tech. Experts are on hand this week, Cook says, but "Don't ask them about future roadmaps!"

18:05The main man CEO Tim Cook has taken to the stage to even louder applause. "You're going to have an incredible week. This is our 24th WWDC," he says, adding there are attendees from more than 60 countries, with two thirds of them attending this event for the first time.

18:04Video says 'There are a thousand nos for every yes'.

18:02:And we're off to loud audience applause. Stay tuned!

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