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Google Glass prescription glasses released by search giant

Spectacle wearers get wearable tech boost from Google.

Search giant Google has released details about the availability of prescription frames for users of its Glass wearable tech product. 

Early Glass adopters who've already purchased the company's smart glasses for $1,500 can pay a further $225 for a pair of prescription frames modified for use with Google Glass.

The lenses come in multiple titanium form factors, and there are also three different sunglasses designs for users to choose from.

"We started with five colors and an overall design that could fit a wide range of Explorers, their lifestyles and interests," Google stated in the Glass FAQ page.

"The four new Glass frames and three shades will give even more people the opportunity to make Glass their own."

Google has teamed up with eye care professionals in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that can reshape prescription lenses to fit onto Glass.

IT Pro spoke to one eyewear company a month ago who offered to adapt prescription lenses for Google Glass for $99. They declined to give further details at the time.

Only a small group of people currently use Glass as part of the company's Explorer program. Google plans a wider consumer launch for the product in late 2014.

Wearing Google Glass with prescription lenses presents unique problems, though, as people have already struggled to integrate the device's capabilities into everyday life.

The UK's Department for Transport and the states of West Virginia and California have already banned drivers from wearing them on the road, fearing they will distract them and cause accidents.

Federal agents dragged a man wearing Glass with prescription lenses out of an Ohio cinema earlier this month when they suspected him of recording the film. After interrogating him for several hours, they finally connected Glass to a computer and found only photos of his wife and dog.

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