Surface Pro 3 vs ElitePad 1000 head-to-head review

Which Windows 8 tablet is the best?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and HP ElitePad 1000 are two of the latest Windows 8.1 Pro tablets vying for enterprise custom.

Despite various differences in specification, the devices have more in common than first appears. Both run Windows 8.1 Pro, have 10-point touch screens with pen input and there's anegligible1mm difference in thickness.

We take a look to see how they differ when it comes to versatility, performance, battery life, connectivity and of course pricing and support.


With a 12in display and 800g weight, the Surface Pro 3 leans towards laptop territory. The integrated kick-stand has multiple levels of flexibility so it can be adjusted depending on the surface you are using. It's great if you want to share content during a meeting or adjust the angle to minimise glare.

The Type Cover is the key accessory for the Pro 3. When clipped into the device, this morphs it into an Ultrabook. Ingeniously, it also acts as a cover for the device.

In comparison the ElitePad 1000 is more of traditional tablet with a 10in screen and a starting weight of 680g. As a standalone piece of hardware it's not as flexible as the Pro 3 but there are more accessories available for it.

A foldable cover allows the device to be propped up in a couple of different positions a la the iPad. The second of these (right) results in the display being upside down but it doesn't affect functionality as the screen auto-rotates to compensate for this.

Other attachments include a dock, which provides charging capabilities and ports such as an Ethernet jack that means it can beused in an office environment. However, the Expansion Jacket is the most unique feature, as it adds native ports and has space for another battery pack.

It's possible to use the Pro 3 and ElitePad 1000 as desktop replacements. The Microsoft device can be hooked up a monitor via the mini Displayport integrated into the chassis. ElitePad users will need to invest in the aforementioned Expansion Jacket or dedicated Dock (above) for this. Both devices are compatible with accesories from the previous generation.Winner: Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is a competent 2-in-1, whereas the ElitePad is more of a tablet.

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