iPhone 6 & 6 Plus reviews roundup: Which is best?

The iPhone 6 reviews are in and we take a look at what the critics think

Early reviews of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are in and the general verdict across the board is that Apple has nailed it with the larger designs.

The quality and size of the display and camera have been lauded as stand-out features. Battery life has also improved - particularly with the 6 Plus.

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Reviewers were also impressed with the ergonomics and metallic feel of the handsets. However, the protruding camera lens and the lines that are on the back of the devices means they aren't the prettiest iPhones to-date.

Interestingly, the iPhone 6 has had better scoring reviews so far - despite packing a smaller 4.7in screen, lacking optimal image stabilisation and having a shorter battery life.

The Verge was one of the three publications to test both handsets and give the iPhone 6 a higher score.

iPhone 6 - 9/10

Display - The 4.7in screen is deemed to be an extremely good display with great colour reproduction and phenomenal viewing angles.

Camera - Despite lacking Optical Image Stabilisation - the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 6 is described as "fantastic". The revamped sensor with Focus Pixels means autofocusing is faster than ever.

"It never appears to be focusing," the reviewer pointed out.

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Battery life - So far the device has been lasting over a day, thanks to the bigger battery.

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"I still charge it almost every night, but at least I'm not forced to baby the battery just to get it through dinner anymore."

iPhone 6 Plus - 8.7/10

Display - Labelled the 5.5in display as "stunning" and great for multimedia consumption.

"If you're a traveler who carries an iPad just for movies on the road, the 6 Plus is going to be your best friend."

Work still needs to be done on the apps, which are scaled up and using the larger screen takes time to adjust especially when you are using the newly-designed landscape keyboard.

Camera - Highest praise was reserved for the 8-megapixel snapper which features Optical Image Stabilisation for the first time. The Verge claims it's the "best smartphone camera" it has tested to-date.

Battery life -The iPhone 6 Plus has been offering 2 days of battery life. But it's early days and the review was quick to point out the day will come when the device will "inevitably" need to be stuffed into a battery case.

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Engadget also gave the edge to the smaller iPhone 6. The reviews praised the iOS 8 update even though it feels like Apple is "playing catchup" to Android.

iPhone 6 - 90/100

Display - Remains comfortable to hold despite being noticeably larger than the iPhone 5s. Colour replication is less saturated than the Super Amoled technology on the Galaxy Note range.

Camera - The 8-megapixel sensor is dubbed "modest" but the Focus Pixels don't disappoint - making it easier to snap images back-to-back without losing focus.

Battery life - It could be better. The iPhone 6 last 6 hours and 19 minutes in a video playback test - slightly worse than the 5s (10 hours 50 minutes).

It also managed 13 hours of real-word usage.

iPhone 6 Plus - 87/100

Display - Images and text are sharper on the 6 Plus - but it's not enough to choose it over the 6. The 5.5in screen has its disadvantages too. One-handed usage is "frustrating and uncomfortable", despite the inclusion of the reachability mode.

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Camera - The camera holds it own against most flagship competitors in terms of low-light. It's "near top in every scenario".

Optical image stabilisation helps images to comes out sharper than on the iPhone 6

Battery life - The 6 Plus lasted 12 hours in the video loop test - and managed 17 hours of real world usage.

"With moderate to light usage, you should expect to see the Plus get roughly a day and a half, if not more."


The Independentwasthe third publication to find in favour of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 - 5 stars

Display - Offering "faithful, natural colours" the screen iPhone 6 looks spectacular.

Camera - The lack of a higher pixel count doesn't affect quality. Pictures are "so effectively processed and adjusted in the phone that they can look instantly stunning."

Battery life - Is dubbed "massively improved" but the reviewer pointed out that its conceivable it could be flagging by lunchtime for power users.

iPhone 6 Plus - 4 stars

Display - The display is richer than the smaller iPhone 6."This is really more like a little iPad that makes calls than anything else."

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Camera - Thanks to the addition of the optical image stabilisation, and better lower light performance - "this is Apple's best camera".

Battery life - "The iPhone 6 Plus just keeps going. I found it seriously capable of going strong even when I didn't charge it for two successive nights."


The Guardian found little to differentiate between the two devices, giving them both top marks.

iPhone 6 - 5 stars

Display - Deemed excellent for colour and brightness. The swiping gestures from the side of the screen also work well because of the way the glass curves around to the edge.

Camera - Shoots better pictures that the iPhone 5s.

Battery life - Battery life is "about 30 per cent" better than the 5s. You can get one day's use out of it.

iPhone 6 Plus - 5 stars

Display - The extra screen space is welcome - but "many apps will need rewriting to deal with the new screen".

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Camera - "Expect this device to become the new 'must-have' among photographers who like traveling light."

Battery life - No figures provided but it is has the "best battery life of any iPhone".


The Telegraph labelled the iPhone 6 as "Apple's best phone ever" and also gave the 6 Plus full marks.

iPhone 6 - 5 stars

Display - Whilst the display is not class-leading with its 326ppi density, most users will not be able to perceive differences between this panel and its rivals.

Camera - Despite dubbing it the weakest aspect of the iPhone 6, due to a lack of 4K recording and optimal image stabilisation, it is "the best camera of its class on the market".

Battery life - This is now at the point where it lasts the day.

iPhone 6 Plus - 5 stars

Display - It's big but not too awkward and the reachability mode, which brings everything to the bottom half is deemed to be "genius". Landscape mode is a welcome addition.

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Camera - "Apple is able to get decent pictures out of hardware that should really be better." And although optical image stabilization makes a difference, it's not a reason to choose the 6 Plus over the 6.

Battery life - The 6 Plus's battery lasted two days, but the reviewer pointed out that many who purchase the phone will use it more intensively, so should expect a shorter life span.

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