Want to customise your iPhone keyboard? Try these iOS 8 options

Apple’s iOS 8 is the first version of the OS that allows installation of third party keyboards, here’s a selection of the best

Apple has made big changes to text input in iOS 8 by allowing third-party developers to design keyboards to take over from the standard Apple keyboard. Some allow for faster text input whilst others have entirely unique ways of using your onscreen keyboard. Here is a selection of the best available on iOS 8.

To download any of the keyboards below just head onto the link included, download it from the Apple App Store and then head into your Settings app. From there head under General and find the Keyboards section. All the keyboards you have installed on the device will be ready and waiting for you to activate at any time.

Fleksy Keyboard

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/fleksy-keyboard-custom-colors/id520337246?mt=8

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Price: 69p

Fleksy has become popular for its customisation tools that allow for a variety of different colours, themes and sizes. If you want the keyboard to take up less of the display just choose a smaller option and customise it to the desired size.

Fleksy has stand out language support with the option to seamlessly switch between 40 supported languages. From Albanian to Ukranian, Fleksy always has the quick switch language ability meaning you'll be back to typing in English with the hit of a button.

Privacy is also key with Fleksy, the app doesn't collect any personal data without your permission. It will also never log your key strokes unlike some other third-party keyboards. If you are dealing in confidential information through your iPhone, Fleksy is likely the perfect choice for you.

Swiftkey Keyboard

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/swiftkey-keyboard/id911813648?mt=8

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Price: FREE

Swiftkey's keyboard will change the way you work on your iPhone or iPad. Once the app is installed on an iOS 8 device it'll ask if it can have access to personal accounts such as email or Twitter. Swiftkey then reads through emails and social networking accounts to get a basic idea of your writing style.

If you don't want it to read through confidential information there is an option to stop it but the app will continue to keep note of everything you write with Swiftkey in order to give you better recommendations when writing. Swiftkey introduces a much better predictive text feature once it learns your use of language and it'll even add in those forgotten spaces whilst typing.

Your personalised dictionary will even save itself to the cloud in case you want to upgrade to a new iPhone or use the keyboard on both another iOS device. Swiftkey also allows you to write in two languages simultaneously including English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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