EE has "worst" customer service record

An Ofcom report states, although EE has the most customers, its service leaves a lot to be desired

Ofcom has released a customer service report, looking at how well the top UK mobile networks deal with customers and complaints.

The research, which asked 3,402 consumers about the service provided by networks, found EE's service was the worst, despite the company having more customers than any other UK network.

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It scored just 69 per cent on customer satisfaction, compared to the average across all providers of 73 per cent. O2 led the pack, with a satisfaction score of 78 per cent, while Virgin Mobile scored 76 per cent, Vodafone 71 per cent and Three 70 per cent.

Ofcom's Consumer and Content Group Director Claudio Pollack said: "When a customer needs to contact their communications provider, it's important that they find the process as quick and easy as possible.

"Our research gives consumers valuable information about the standards of customer service across different sectors. As well as being a useful point of reference for consumers who may be choosing a new service or provider, we hope this research will provide an industry benchmark and act as an incentive for providers to continue aiming for the highest standards of customer service."

Although some networks may be a little disappointed with the scores on the doors, the report found those who complained were 13 per cent more satisfied than previous years, with a sector total of 59 per cent of people happy the customer services department dealt with their complaint satisfactorily.

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The customer contact rate was down 19 per cent year-on-year, demonstrating customers are less likely to complain compared to previous years.

Ofcom also questioned customers about their broadband service, revealing customer service satisfaction was lower in the fixed broadband and landline markets, with market averages of 69 per cent and 67 per cent respectively. Pay TV was the highest in the study, with an average of 80 per cent.

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