When will I get Android M?

We take an in depth look to see when different devices will be getting the Android M update

Now Android Marshmallow (AKA Android M) has launched, all device owners want to know exactly when the latest iteration will be hitting their handset. We've lined up a list of which devices will be lucky enough to be getting the update and of course, when, so you can be fully prepared for the OTA update to arrive on your device.

What is Android Marshmallow?

Android Marshmallow, or Android M, was announced at Google's I/O conference. It adds a slightly fresher interface, better battery life (hurrah! shouts the entire Android-using population), built-in support for fingerprint scanning along with Android Pay and a whole host of tweaks that aim to make the performance of most Android smartphones and tablets work a whole lot better.

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It'll also allow you to change the app permissions of each individual app and developers have the option of using custom tabs in Chrome to make them look like the app rather than a default Chrome page.

You can check out a full list of updates in Android M, but one thing is for sure: you'll be wanting to update your device as soon as you possibly can.


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