Are smartwatches already over?

Smartwatch sales have already begun to slide, according to IDC

Smartwatch sales slid by a third from last year - their first decline since the wearable technology took off with the Apple Watch.

That's according to IDC, which reported smartwatch shipments of 3.5 million globally in the second quarter of the year, down from 5.1 million in the same quarter of last year.

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While Apple's sales were the only ones in the top five to slide - they dove a whopping 55 per cent - it also made up half of all sales at 1.6 million and remains "far and away the market leader".

"Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh, and improvements in WatchOS are not expected until later this year, effectively stalling existing Apple Watch sales," said Jitesh Ubrani,senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers. Expect sales to pick up again when the next version of the hardware is released.

After Apple's 47 per cent share of the market, Samsung holds 16 per cent and Lenovo nine per cent.

"Apple still maintains a significant lead in the market and unfortunately a decline for Apple leads to a decline in the entire market," Ubrani said. "Every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and though we expect improvements next year, growth in the remainder of 2016 will likely be muted."

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