Apple and Samsung dispute moves to Supreme Court

Highest US court will decide damages over alleged design patent infringement

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung that accuses the South Korean firm of copying its smartphone design will continue in front of the US Supreme Court tomorrow.

The Supreme Court is to decide how much Samsung will pay of the $399 million awarded for patent infringement last year.

The design patents that Apple accused Samsung of infringing concern the iPhone's round-shaped corners, the rim surrounding its anterior face and the style of the icon grid that is typical of the iOS operating system.

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Samsung declared the award to be disproportionate compared to the extent of its alleged offence, while Apple believes the Korean company will have to pay the full sum for blatantly copying some of the iPhone's unique features.

This is the last one of a long list of lawsuits one of the two tech giants have filed against each other.

Samsung was already found guilty of replicating Apple products and infringing its patents, some of the devices in question including Samsung's Admire, Galaxy Nexus and Stratosphere.

The Korean company already paid Apple $399 million and another $150 million for copying the iPhone's "pinch-to-zoom" feature.

In the past, Apple was also found to infringe Samsung's "quick-links" patent.

The Supreme Court's ruling will determine whether the award will be upheld, invalidated or if the amount of the damages is to be re-determined, though a decision is not expected until December or January.


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