Best Bluetooth speakers

We check out some of the market's top speakers to relax with...

BOSE SoundLink Mini II

Image courtesy of Bose

The Soundlink Mini II features dual passive radiators and high-efficiency transducers to deliver impressive deep low notes. While the speaker manages a great overall sound, it seems to struggle with expression of detail on busier tracks. Although the device is palm-sized at just 51mm tall, it's relatively heavy. It features a simple single-piece aluminum casing, but it's not ruggedised and should probably be kept indoors. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a wall charger cable as well as a charging cradle so that it's always charged and ready to go when you are.

Battery life: Up to 10 hoursSize (WDH): 180 x 580 x 51 mmWeight: 0.68 kg

Price when reviewed: 169.95

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Picture courtesy of Ultimate Ears

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Not only is the UE Wonderboom waterproof, it also floats, making it the perfect pool-side speaker for care-free listening. The Wonderboom is impressively durable and portable and also produces extreme sound with a powerful base. Its maximum volume is loud enough to fill the room with music, and for an even more powerful sound you can pair multiple Wonderboom speakers together to create a surround-sound speaker effect. The Wonderboom handles highs and lows with great quality.

Battery life: Up to 10 hoursSize: Height 102 mm, Diameter 93.5 mmWeight: 0.425 kg

Price when reviewed: 89.99

Dali Katch

At over 300, the Dali Katch Bluetooth speaker is more expensive than similarly-sized speakers, but if your main concern is top sound then this is the best option. Winning the Hi-Fi 2016 Award for best sound quality, the Dali Katch delivers a powerful punch that lasts for up to 24 hours. The speaker also features a mini-jack connection option when you don't want to use Bluetooth. At 1.1 kg, this speaker is a bit heavier than its competitors, but most users say the extra weight is well worth the superb sound quality.

Battery life: 24 hoursSize (WDH): 268.5 x 47 x 138 mmWeight: 1.1 kg

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Price when reviewed: 329

Riva S

Picture courtesy of Riva

Although the Riva S arguably looks like a fairly generic speaker, it includes additional features that distinguish it from competitors. The multi-colour LED battery indicates the approximate battery level during use, and a USB port on the back of the device allows you to charge your phone from the Riva S itself. The speaker can't be charged with the USB feature however, instead relying on a 19V cylindrical adapter that delivers a faster charge than a USB charger would. The speaker is splash-proof and rather durable. It also features Phono Mode for a Vinyl listening experience and Party Mode for multi-user control.

Battery life: 13 hoursSize (WDH): 64 x 191 x 66 mmWeight: 0.7 kg

Price when reviewed: 199

Creative Muvo 2C

Picture courtesy of Creative

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The Muvo 2C may just be the best speaker for its size. The palm-sized device features a rubberised finish that makes it easy to grasp and a water-resistant design for more adventurous music fans. It's notably inexpensive in comparison to the rest of the speakers on our list, at just under 50. The speaker also features a built-in MP3 player which allows you to upload songs to a Micro SD Card. The MP3 player supports FLAC, WAV, WMA, and MP3 formats. A USB audio port also gives access to the Sound Blaster Control Panel to personalise your sound preferences. The battery life isn't great and some users complain that the speaker is confusing to operate, but once you figure that out it could be the ideal accessory for the young, wild and free.

Battery life: 6 hoursSize (WDH): 29 x 48 x 46 mmWeight: 0.159 kg

Price when reviewed: 49.99

Fugoo Style S

Picture courtesy of Fugoo

The Fugoo Style S is probably one of the most ruggedised speakers on the market. Its weatherproof design makes it extremely durable, and the battery life lasts up to an impressive 40 hours, according to the manufacturer. The Fugoo speaker is composed of six drivers, a considerably high number for such a compact device. The device also supports smart features such as Speakerphone, and voice assistants like Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now.

Battery life: Up to 40 hoursSize (WDH): 101.6 x 177 x 228.6 mmWeight: 0.439 kg

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Price when reviewed: 89.99

JBL Pulse 2

The most distinctive feature of this compact splash-proof wireless speaker is an integrated interactive light show, perfect for party-hosting users. External buttons give the user access to 12 different light show options, and a companion iOS and Android app can be used to control the show remotely. The speaker lasts up to 10 hours, or 5 hours in light show mode, and delivers a strong sound for its size. The JBL Pulse 2 performs well with a full range of detail and expression, but some people have complained about the lack of accessories in comparison with competing speakers that include carrying sleeves.

Battery life: Up to 10 hoursSize (WDH): 84.2 x 194.4 x 84.2 mmWeight: 0.775 kg

Price when reviewed: 155

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