HPE test lab to help telcos tackle 5G rollout

The Colorado-based 5G Lab will be available worldwide via remote access

HPE has launched a 5G test centre for telcos to develop and integrate 5G network projects and services and get them to market quicker.

The HPE 5G Lab has already gained support from industry leaders such as Affirmed Networks, Intel, Nokia and Red Hat.

This is a part of a growing portfolio of 5G services from HPE, which include core network, edge and enterprise services. The lab will provide a proving ground for telco firms, network equipment providers and independent software vendors (ISVs), according to HPE.

The lab is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and available worldwide to customers and HPE partners via remote access. This also includes personnel to manage and operate the lab environment, as well as assist with integration and testing. The lab is based on HPE 5G portfolio services and will include multiple 5G related products.

"Governments and telecoms operators around the world are looking to open 5G technologies as an opportunity to move away from a number of vendors which have raised fundamental concerns around security, resilience and market diversification," said Phil Mottram, VP and GM of communications and media solutions at HPE.

"However, despite multiple successful deployments, doubts still persist about the ability of open 5G technologies to truly replace the old way of building networks. With the launch of the HPE 5G Lab, telcos, solution vendors and national stakeholders can test innovative new solutions with confidence and ensure that they are ready for mass adoption."

HPE wants to encourage telcos, vendors and platform providers to come together to test, document, and validate their technologies as a single service. It suggests that this open approach will offer the flexibility to work with practically any ISV or best-of-breed provider to create tailored networking services tuned to specific verticals and use cases.

The initial focus of the Lab is to bring innovation to the "monolithic" cellular network core, according to HPE, and enable holistic management and data sharing.

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