OPPO’s 125-watt charger tops up smartphones in just 20 minutes

OPPO’s all-new lineup of flash chargers likely won't make it to the U.S.

Just days after teasing its incoming smartphone charging tech, OPPO has officially announced its new lineup of flash chargers. The lineup includes the 125-watt flash charge, the 65-watt AirVOOC wireless charger, the portable 50-watt mini SuperVOOC charger and the 110-watt mini flash charger. The 125-watt flash charge can charge a phone in just 20 minutes, signifying another breakthrough in charging tech for OPPO.

Building off OPPO’s proprietary SuperVOOC technical design, the 125-watt flash charge supports 20-volt charging at 6.25 amps and can charge a 4,000 mAh battery up to 41% in five minutes and fully charge it in 20 minutes. It also boasts significantly improved power density properties to reduce charging time without increasing the size of the charger itself. Added safety protection features such as temperature sensors monitor the charging status and ensure maximum charging safety too.

The 65-watt AirVOOC wireless flash charge, on the other hand, uses isolated charge pump technology and parallel dual-coil design to increase wireless charging efficiency for super-fast wireless charging. At its quickest rate, the 65-watt AirVOOC wireless flash charge can charge a 4,000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in as little as 30 minutes. 

Today’s launch also included the debut of the 50-watt mini SuperVOOC charger, the world's smallest 50-watt charger, and the 110-watt mini flash charger. 

Developed through multi-radian curve processing, OPPO’s 50-watt mini SuperVOOC charger is only 1.05 cm (0.41 inches) thick, making it convenient for commuters and travelers to slide in their pocket or purse when they’re on the move. The 50-watt mini SuperVOOC charger is also compatible with VOOC protocols, supports mainstream protocols such as 27-watt PD and 50-watt PPS, and can charge mobile phones and laptops.

OPPO's 110-watt mini flash charger builds upon the 50-watt mini SuperVOOC charger and uses its dual-level architecture to achieve high-efficiency power conversion and temperature-rise control. The charger also uses a combination of laminate and compact structures to minimize its size to 35.76 cubic cm (14.08 cubic inches), which is similar to the size of a normal 18-watt charger.  

Jeff Zhang, OPPO chief charging technology scientist commented: “OPPO has been leading the development of fast charging ever since VOOC flash charge was launched in 2014. Now, we are committed to continuing to build on our expertise and advantages in the field of high power, wireless and ultra-small charging technologies in order to provide users with a safe, efficient and convenient ultra-fast charging experience.”

Barring a licensing deal with a smartphone seller in the U.S., it’s unlikely these chargers will be available in the States, as OPPO phones are only available in select areas of Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

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