EE launches 300Mb Gfast broadband

Fibre Max range to boost download speeds for the ever expanding smart home ecosystem

EE has launched two new plans for its home broadband portfolio with average download speeds of 145Mbps and 300Mbps.

The broadband provider says that Fibre Max 1 and Fibre Max 2 are built to support the demands of customers with increasingly connected homes and forms part of EE's strategy to offer the best-converged mobile and broadband service offerings.

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"Our new fibre broadband plans are designed to support the demands of customers with increasingly connected homes and families," said Max Taylor, EE's managing director of marketing.

"With the growth of 4K TV, smart home technology becoming more popular than ever and more members of the family using the latest smartphones and tablets, we're giving our customers the widest range of converged mobile and home broadband products in the UK, along with the best customer service, so they can enjoy the fastest speeds both in and out of the home."

The new plans use Gfast technology which was trialled by BT in 2015. At the time the company predicted deployment of the tech could make speeds of 500Mbps available to most of the UK. In January the company launched it's on 300mbs service with a minimum speed guarantee of 100Mbs.

The need for ultrafast connectivity is becoming increasingly important because, according to EE, the average home in the UK has 10 connected devices and more being added all the time with households using the internet more than ever.

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The telecommunications company said that Fibre Max 2 is perfect for downloading and streaming HD and 4K UHD videos and with average speeds of 300Mbps and that customers can download an HD TV show in just 12 seconds or the latest album from their favourite band in just three seconds.

It suggests the upload speeds of 47Mbps means that customers can upload a photo onto their favourite social media channel in a tenth of a second.

EE customers that have a pay monthly handset plan will also see their monthly data allowance boosted by 20GB when they sign-up to one of the new Fibre Max plans.

Fibre Max 1 costs 42 per month and Fibre Max 2 costs 47 per month, both on an 18-month contract with unlimited usage.

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