Microsoft Bing appears to be blocked across China

Microsoft is apparently working with authorities to try and determine why it's been blocked


China has seemingly blocked its citizens from accessing the Bing search engine as part of its censorship campaign.

Authorities in the country have been attempting to streamline the services it allows Chinese people to access in its quest to control every element of Chinese life.

One of its biggest missions is to prevent anyone from accessing services that may offer insights into life outside of China. It's already blocked the use of social networking platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, but it now seems the country is trying to stop search engines too.

"We've confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps," the company said in a statement.

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Microsoft has worked hard to keep Chinese authorities happy, with promises of sticking to its rules and regulations but it would seem this isn't enough and now the tech giant may have lost the ability to communicate with the 800 million internet users in the country.

Previous agreements included that Microsoft would exclude certain results from its search pages, such as those leading through to websites blocked by the Chinese government. It believed these websites are putting the country's national security at risk.

The Chinese government has also recently stopped some people from posting on Twitter using block-busting software and those that have refused to comply with the ban have been detained as punishment.

Chinese authorities want to encourage its citizens to use China-owned search engines such as Baidu, although that's come under fire recently for blocking too much information and favouring paid results rather than the more useful free search results.

"Is it really necessary to force me to use these garbage domestic search engines?" one internet user wrote on Sina Weibo.

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