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These UK towns and cities are the best for remote working

London and Manchester were found to be lower in the ranking due to high crime rates, high house prices, and slower broadband

New data has revealed the best UK towns and cities for those looking to work remotely.

A total of 104 locations have been ranked based on factors like house prices, green spaces, crime rates, air quality, local GP numbers, the quality of local schools, and broadband speeds, in price comparison service Uswitch's first ever Hybrid Working Index took.

York topped the chart as the UK’s ideal hybrid working location, which Uswitch broadband expert Ernest Doku attributed to “superfast broadband, huge amount of green spaces, and close proximity to work hub Leeds”.

Harrogate was another North Yorkshire town that made it to the top five best places for hybrid working. However, local hub Leeds was ranked 17th due to its high crime rates.

Edinburgh and Belfast were second and third on the list respectively, combining fast broadband speeds and relatively low house prices, while also being major office hubs in their respective areas.

However, some of the UK’s biggest cities, including London and Manchester, were found to be lower on the list due to their high crime rates and house prices, with comparatively slow broadband. While York had an average speed of 159 Mbits/sec, London’s and Manchester’s were at least 35% slower – at 102 Mbits/sec and 95 Mbits/sec, respectively.

Commenting on the findings, Doku said that “the last few years have turned our working lives on their head, and many of us have enjoyed the benefits of leaving the commute behind and spending more time at home”.

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“It’s been an opportunity for many to escape the rat race, move away from the big cities and enjoy life in more rural settings,” he added.

Recent research found that one in two UK workers would consider quitting their job if the hybrid working option was removed.

Doku described the speed and reliability of broadband connection as a potential deal-breaker when moving to a new area to work from home.

He advised those moving houses to research the local broadband speeds before fully committing to a new area.

“Once you’ve got the move confirmed, don’t forget to let your existing (and potentially new) broadband provider know, so you’re not left offline when the big day comes,” he added.

The full rankings are detailed below.

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