Gmail introduces new features to makes personalizing your inbox easier

G Suite customers will see the Quick Setting feature starting June 2020

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Google introduced the new Quick Settings menu in an effort to help users explore and use various themes to tailor their Gmail experience. The options included under this new feature range from the ability to change the density of the text to adding reading panes, choosing a specific inbox type and choosing a theme for your inbox. Though these features aren’t completely new, they have been hidden in Gmail's settings, leaving most users unaware of their existence unless they explored every nook and cranny. 

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The new Quick Setting menu and its wide array of options is on the right side of your Gmail inbox. When making changes, users will see the changes in real time, helping them preview the new themes and settings before activating the changes. 

The ability to customize the density of the text and the information displayed is the first option under the Quick Settings menu followed by the different inbox layouts. These layouts include priority inbox, the default layout with categories and tabs and others where users can see certain types of emails first, such as unread first, starred first, important first and more.  

There is also the option to turn on reading panes, which makes users feel like they’re using a traditional desktop client. On the other hand, Gmail's colorful themes help brighten up the space and turn the inbox into a personalized den. 

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Even with all the options, the Quick Setting menu ensures access to Gmail’s full settings screen isn’t disrupted and it's still available at an extra click on the 'See All Setting' button at the top of Quick Setting menu. 

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During an announcement about the new Quick Setting feature, the company said, “We're making these options easier to find and letting you explore them in real-time, so your actual inbox will update immediately to show you exactly what the setting will do. We hope this makes it easier to set up Gmail the way that works best for you”. 

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The Quick Setting menu will be available to G Suite customers and enabled by default for personal Gmail users. 

Google began releasing Quick Settings for G Suite customers through Rapid Release domains on May 26 and will complete the rollout in 15 days. Users on the Scheduled Release domains will catch a glimpse of the feature starting June 22. Though the company didn't announce when users with personal accounts get to experience the update, we believe they should soon.

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