2020 report: The threat posed by shadow IoT devices

Unsanctioned IoT devices open a portal for chaos across the network


Although awareness of the risk of shadow IoT devices has grown, the complexities of managing these unsanctioned IT operations are still a significant stressor for many organisations. From company devices to mobile phones, fitness trackers and personal laptops, more than half of organisations report having 2,000-10,000 devices on their own corporate networks.

These devices pose various levels of risk to organisations and their networks. This report brings together extensive insights from 2,600+ IT professionals from around the world to investigate the extent to which shadow IoT devices pose a security risk to networks. It also provides practical recommendations on how companies can best manage the threat posed by shadow IoT devices.

Download it now to learn why IoT devices are a threat, how to manage the new network perimeter as you scale, and what to prioritise to effectively defend your networks.

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