Netflix is making it easier to hide what you’ve been watching

Now you can drop that movie you gave up on from your Netflix homepage.

Netflix has added a new feature that lets you easily remove programs you're no longer watching.

The “continue watching” row on the Netflix homepage allows viewers to jump back into a show or movie right where they left off. That’s great if you actually want to go back to it and don’t mind others on your account seeing what you’ve been watching. 

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You’ve always been able to remove titles from that row, but it meant sifting through your account settings on a web browser, going into your profile and parental controls, clicking on your viewing activity and then discarding the titles you no longer wanted to populate the “continue watching” row. 

It was a lot of work for a minor annoyance. Eventually, as you watch more new titles, those nuisance titles slide down the list and out of view anyway, but they’re still there.

Netflix’s new solution to the problem is simple. When you hover over the title, you’ll see a few options including the ability to give the title a thumbs up or thumbs down. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find “remove from row.” Click on that choice, and the title disappears from your “continue watching” list on the homepage. 

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The feature is currently available for Android phone and tablet users with iOS users receiving the update on June 29.

Netflix is also adding a feature that lets you go to specific episodes without having to click on a title’s landing page first. These are small moves designed to make Netflix’s homepage experience more user-friendly.

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