HPE reveals new IoT solutions at Discover 2015

Edgeline and Aruba Sensor products promise smoother IoT experience for the enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has today launched two new sets of systems to help companies take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The first, Edgeline, is the result of a joint partnership between Intel and HPE and currently consists of two products, HPE IoT Edgeline System EL 10 and HPE IoT Edgeline System EL 20.

These gateways allow businesses to securely collect and analyse data and control sensors at the edge of the network in real time and are available in rack-mounted, mobile or ruggedised form factors. They are also both certified for the Microsoft Azure IoT suite.

Compared to the entry-level EL 10, EL 20 offers certain additional features for higher compute capabilities and easier installation.

There will be new, more advanced versions of Edgeline released in the future based on HPE's Moonshot architecture that will include investment protection and scalability.

Explaining the delay, Antonio Neri, leader of the HPE Enterprise Group, told a press conference: "We like to see Edgeline as a family and ... families aren't born at once!"

Edgeline will also support 5G once it is eventually launched round the world.

The second IoT service launched today was a cloud-based beacon management system from Aruba, which HPE acquired earlier in 2015.

Dubbed IoT Aruba Sensors, they combine a small WiFi client and Bluetooth LE radio and allows customers to remotely monitor and manage Aruba Beacons in an existing multi-vendor WiFi environment from a single location through Aruba's Meridian cloud service interface.

According to HPE, Aruba Sensors and Beacons combined will allow any business to introduce location-based services at the edge of their network, and combine them with business and analytics applications through Meridian.

"[Aruba Sensors] is the first ever cloud-based beacon management solution to the multi-vendor WiFi network," Neri, claimed.

"That's one of the benefits with the acquisition of Aruba, because Meridian is a cloud solution that enables you to do that and also process that Big Data analytics," he added.

HPE Edgeline IoT Systems are available in the UK immediately, and Aruba Sensors are available to pre-order from today.

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