CityFibre implements Gigabit network in Peterborough

220 public sector sites have been connected to the city's Gigabit network

Peterborough City Council has implemented CityFibre's Gigabit network and connected 220 public sector sites to the network, taking a step forward in the smart city race.

CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi connections, and a network of Information Traffic System locations have all been hooked up the the network, which offers super-speedy data transfer for the technologies that require a robust connection.

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"These new access points will enable us to improve our CCTV and traffic management solutions while allowing for future roll-outs of citywide Wi-Fi and future proofing the city for future developments in a world of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities," John Harrison, corporate director for resources at Peterborough City Council, said.

The addition of CityFibre's network means the council can introduce better technologies too, such as movable high-definition CCTV cameras to ensure all areas of the the city can be monitored night and day.

"It is no secret that we are well on our way to being one of the world's top 'smart cities' after being crowned Smart City of the Year 2015," Harrison added. "Our partnership with CityFibre is just one of the many ways we are investing in growth, innovation, skills and sustainability with the goal of making Peterborough a better place to invest, work and live."

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CityFibre explained the architecture it has implemented is identical to that required by future 4G and 5G wireless small cell deployments, meaning Peterborough's infrastructure will have a long operating life too too.

"Peterborough City Council and the city as a whole have grasped the Gigabit City vision and made it their own," Greg Mesch, chief executive of CityFibre, said.

"They have exploited a fit-for-purpose digital infrastructure to revolutionize the way they deliver public services and making their city more competitive and attractive to investment. With businesses also experiencing the benefits of gigabit speed services, Peterborough has become a model for a true Gigabit City."

Peterborough's Gigabit city network comprises 90km of pure fibre and duct infrastructure, originally built to serve 107 public sector sites including schools, council buildings and health sites.

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