Colt upgrades network to support speeds of 100Gbps

Customers demand better speeds to future-proof businesses

Colt has announced the upgrade of its entire network, allowing businesses to take advantage of speeds up to 100Gbps.

The company said it decided to make significant investments into its infrastructure in order to meet customer expectations and ensure they are future-proofed against demands of the future.

"Old business models are breaking down and technology is taking a major leap forward, driven by software and virtualisation," Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt, said. "Colt is investing heavily in its core strength, the network, to stay ahead of the business transformation curve just as our customers expect."

The upgrade includes installing a mult-terabit optical backbone and implementing next-generation packet networks that can offer bandwidth up to 100 Gbps.

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"To enable this transition, Colt is driving a data centre-focused, distributed network topology, offering direct connections to over 200 key data centres, carrier hotels and cloud aggregation points, putting customers closer to the core of their digital business," said Rajiv Datta, CTO of Colt.

"Colt's network investment is centred around creating a scalable and flexible platform that provides customers with choices that meet the varying service requirements of different applications."

He explained that as more and more applications move to the cloud, businesses are demanding faster networks.

"This platform will further enable our award-winning product portfolio including innovative, software defined networking (SDN) products and Ethernet services, to provide value to our customers as they transition to this agile, cloud-centric world," Datta added.

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