Landline and broadband complaints increase in third quarter

However, they were down compared to the same time last year, showing operators are making amends

Ofcom has revealed the number of complaints it's received from broadband and landline customers in the third quarter of 2016 have increased compared to the first and second quarters of 2016.

However, the number it received per 100,000 customers are down significantly compared to the same period of 2015, the regulator said. This shows that companies are trying hard to get their service levels up to standard, which is a positive sign for customers.

On average, Ofcom received 20 complaints per 100,000 broadband customers, while landline companies were responsible for 14 complaints per 100,000.

BT performed the worst in both categories, with its Plusnet and EE subsidiaries receiving a higher than average 24 and 20 complaints per 100,000 each in the landline category, compared to the least complained-about company, Sky, which only received 6.

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BT itself also ranked pretty bad in customer service levels, with 19 complaints while the Post Office's service was not up to standard either, because the company received 20 complaints, putting it on par with EE.

When it came to broadband, customers were least impressed with BT's service - the company clocked up 36 complaints, while Plusnet customers complained 30 times and EE's customers 26 times per 100,000 customers.

Sky once again performed the best, with only 7 complaints, with Virgin in second position with 11 and TalkTalk with 19 complaints per 100,000 customers.

"We won't stand for complacency when it comes to customer service. We expect providers to make it a top priority and work hard to better serve their customers," Lindsey Fussell, Director of Ofcom's Consumer Group, said. "If companies let their customers down, we will step in and investigate, which can lead to significant fines."

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