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Understanding your open source risk

Open source libraries can introduce vulnerabilities to your code
27 Jan 2020

What is Chromium?

We take a look at Google's open-source coding project, and the platforms it has inspired
23 Jan 2020
open source

The IT Pro Podcast: Does open source have a place in public sector IT?

We explore how open source and open standards can help organisations overcome budget squeezes and avoid vendor lock-in
10 Jan 2020
open source

View from the airport: Linux Open Networking Summit 2019

When it comes to the future of networking, the Linux Foundation is headed for the edge
1 Oct 2019
open source

What to expect from Open Networking Summit 2019

We head to Antwerp to hear about the latest advancements in open source networking with a heavy dash of edge computing
20 Sep 2019

What is open source?

What is open source software and how do vendors make their money? We answer your questions
13 Sep 2019
IBM logo

IBM goes cloud-native with Red Hat OpenShift

IT giant uses its latest acquisition to lever open the public cloud
1 Aug 2019
Github code
digital transformation

Open APIs to fuel next-stages of NHS digitisation

NHSX deputy CEO hopes to echo the success of the popular Trainline app
11 Jul 2019
Open Source
open source

Microsoft bids for behind-the-scenes access to Linux flaws

Request to join security lists come as the firm reveals Linux usage on Azure VMs outweighs Windows usage
1 Jul 2019

Github launches ‘Patreon for coders’

Github Sponsor tool allow fans to financially support open source devs
24 May 2019
open source

View from the airport: Red Hat Summit 2019

Red Hat shows a $34 billion acquisition and an annual tech showcase do not mix well
14 May 2019
open source

Red Hat's success shows how to maintain a software advantage

CEO Jim Whitehurst explains that without a means to scale, software firms should be turning to open source
10 May 2019
operating systems

Ubuntu vs Mint: Which one is better?

They may be two of the most popular Linux distributions, but what are the differences?
27 Mar 2019
operating systems

Windows vs Linux: what's the best operating system?

Can the open source upstart really stand up to Microsoft's enterprise juggernaut?
12 Feb 2019
AWS Dublin
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AWS launches DocumentDB in a blow to open source

AWS claims MongoDB's complexities means it's difficult for customers to scale their apps
10 Jan 2019
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EU to fund bug bounties

Ethical hackers could earn up to $100,000 if they can spot vulnerabilities in the free open source software used by the European Union
2 Jan 2019
Flutter interface with code and preview
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Google launches Google Flutter 1.0 developer tool

Tech giant's user interface toolkit could cut out repetition in app development
5 Dec 2018
GitHub and Microsoft
open source

What does a Microsoft buyout mean for GitHub?

Those that use GitHub for a living share their predictions for the platform
26 Nov 2018
IBM and Red Hat merger
open source

IBM's Red Hat acquisition could be "disastrous"

Nigel Kersten says claims that the deal is a cloud play are "ridiculous"
23 Nov 2018
web development

Why Web 3.0's 'data democratisation' is a boon for business

GDPR wants to hand more power to data subjects, and Web 3.0 is gearing up to capitalise on that
22 Nov 2018
Linus Torvalds
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Linus Torvalds returns to work on Linux development

He's spent the last month seriously thinking about how he treats people in the Linux community
24 Oct 2018
GitHub and Microsoft
open source

EC approves Microsoft's purchase of GitHub

The European Commission declared the merger would not be anti-competitive
22 Oct 2018
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Microsoft joins Open Invention Network in open source U-turn

The Redmond firm has made 60,000 patents available to OIN members
11 Oct 2018