Basho open sources its database for the Internet of Things

NoSQL database gives developers better API support

Basho today released its Riak TS NoSQL database as an open source product to help developers create apps for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Riak TS, which is designed to support IoT applications, can now be freely downloaded by developers and used in production systems.

They can make additions to the code, as well as developing applications using the product, which also introduces increased support for APIs and shell and SQL commands.

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Nik Rouda, senior analyst at ESG, said: "Today, big data is maturing into a pervasive IT undertaking that requires active collaboration from all of an organization's various operating facets.

"Riak TS 1.3 represents a robust purpose-built solution for time series data making big data analytics projects easier to deploy, manage and maintain."

This news demonstrates Basho's commitment to open source software, which the company is enthusiastic about.

"Basho is continuing to open source its software for dual reasons," said Basho CTO Dave McCrory. "On the one hand it is a key component for a thriving developer community of Riak users who continue to innovate on Riak for their own unique use cases."

By increasing the scope of its applicability, he said, an open source model will further encourage the adoption of NoSQL.

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"Secondly, for enterprise customers such as the NHS, open source is an important selection criteria due to the ease of access and the mitigation of future vendor support risk."

"For these reasons and more," he added, "Basho plans to continue to make future iterations of Riak available as open source software."

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