Microsoft open sources some ‘critical’ Edge browser code

But Redmond does not plan to make the browser itself open source

Microsoft has announced that it has open-sourced another portion of its Edge browser to "help performance, correctness and interoperability".

Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows 10 last year, and uses WebGL to run "shaders on your GPU to render 3D content", according to Redmond.

Writing on the Edge developer blog, Microsoft explained that it has made part of WebGL's renderer, the GLSL to HLSL transpiler, available to all.

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This code analyses the GLSL program and checks for security restrictions before initiating the conversion process that creates the HLSL output, which is a Windows-specific shading language for images.

Frank Olivier, principal program manager for Microsoft Edge, described the technology as "the most critical component of the WebGL stack from an interoperability perspective".

Along with the code, the company plans to publish additional scripts and documentation in the coming weeks and months to support development.

This announcement follows Microsoft open sourcing Chakra, the JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge.

If it looks as though Microsoft may be gearing up to make its entire web browser open source, that is not going to be the case.

Addressing this question directly, Olivier said: "At this time we have no plans to open source Microsoft Edge or EdgeHTML, but we understand and value the importance of being more open with our roadmap and our core technologies."

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The company has already share a searchable roadmap for its Edge browser, which lists what it has accomplished, and what it plans to build next.

The GLSL to HLSL transpiler code can be found on the Microsoft Edge WebGL GitHub repository.



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