OS X Yosemite update: Wi-Fi problems fixed

Apple has released another OS X Yosemite update, but have issues with unreliable Wi-Fi been fixed?

A new build of the OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 beta (via 9to5Mac) has been released to developers, with the update focusing heavily on resolving ongoing problems with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The build, dubbed 14C78x, can be downloaded via Software Update in the Mac's App Store. It is reportedly a small update, much like OS X 10.10.1, though it should clear up some lingering bugs and issues experienced by developers.

After the first update for OS X Yosemite was released, many users still experienced troubles with unreliable Wi-Fi, despite Apple promising it would resolve the issues.

Mac users have been reporting problems with their Wi-Fi connections, as well as trouble connecting to Microsoft Exchange, since installing Yosemite. The final version of Yosemite was released on 16 October.

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According to Apple, it has addressed the Wi-Fi and Microsoft Exchange connectivity issues as well as other problems experienced by enterprise customers.

Users hit with such problems quickly took to forums to voice their complaints, and others followed in their thousands. The severity of problems ranged from unreliable connections to some users being unable to connect to Wi-Fi at all after installing Yosemite.

Despite Apple rolling out the Yosemite 10.10.1 update to resolve these issues, users were still complaining their Macs were struggling to establish or maintain a Wi-Fi connection after installing. Those who have been able to connect are reporting slower than usual speeds.

One forum user, MortenJamesCarlsen, said: "10.10.01 does NOT fix the Wi-Fi issues. I had to go thru the same extreme routines I have had to go thru the past 2 months to be able to connect to the internet. This is not a very good sign. Because this indicates that no one has been able to reproduce a clear-cut scenario in which this happens. So we are back to square one..."

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