How to get help in Windows 10

Find out how to get expert help and support for Windows 10 from Microsoft and others

A close up of the Windows 10 home screen

Not everyone likes change, and this is especially the case with software where new operating system features and updates can frustrate users to no end – and Windows 10 is no different.

Although the design is largely reminiscent of Windows 7 (at least compared to the tiled interface of Windows 8), Windows 10 is the product of years of refinement and many of the menus and functions have been tweaked to streamline the experience as much as possible. Of course, streamlining is subjective, and you might find that a tool or option is in a different position to where it was before, buried under layers of menus, or tied to a shortcut that's not immediately obvious.

Whatever your level, if you need help understanding or finding something within the user interface, help is at hand. There is an extensive list of fixes and shortcuts to be found via the Windows community and also a slew of top tips from Microsoft.

Seeking Windows 10 help from IT Pro's bank of tips, guides and tutorials

There are a plethora wealth of tips, guides, and tutorials for Windows 10 that are contained in our In-depth section. These aim to help people find answers to the most common questions and mystifying problems that may arise while using Microsoft's flagship OS.

We'll keep adding more to this collection with time, but below you can find listed a handful of helpful guides and tutorials prepared and curated by the IT Pro team:

You'll find up-to-date news about Windows 10 published on our front page, or in the News section, including announcements and features for the OS, any bugs that have been discovered, and fixes from Microsoft.

Seeking Windows 10 help from Microsoft

Hopefully, your Windows 10 fixes are simple and straightforward and can be found within IT Pro's resources. However, if it is a more complex problem that demands a more technical solution from a specialist, it's always best practice to get advice straight from the horse's mouth - Microsoft. 

The tech giant has its own expert resources on its website and this includes guides and tutorials for Windows 10 that can solve most issues. Or, alternatively, you can also look up the answer to your issue with Windows 10's built-in support centre. This can be found in the 'Get Help' app which you can find by typing it in the search bar. The OS will connect you with a Microsoft chat bot that can answer any questions you might have.

If you need a direct response from Microsoft, the community forums are also a great way to seek a response. These forums are often monitored by Microsoft staff members who respond to queries whenever they can.

Another alternative, if your query isn't urgent, is to get in touch with Microsoft Helps via Twitter.

Seeking Windows 10 help from independent experts

However, sometimes it might be the case that not even a Microsoft support team will be able to provide you with an answer to your query. In this scenario, it could be worth asking an independent expert, or even a fellow Windows 10 user, for help. Although considered by some an unconventional problem-solving tactic, the experience of others might actually provide you with the answers you seek. After all, it’s likely that they have been through similar technical issues in the past – and lived to tell the tale on how to solve them.

For instance, if you’re having trouble with installing some niche or older software onto your device, it might be best to seek advice from a developer manufacturer. Other times, internet forums on a community platform of a given product could just have the answer you’re looking for. When it comes to Windows 10 specifically, we’ve compiled a list of forums which we found particularly helpful:

However, you should also bear in mind that internet forums might not be the best space to disclose personal information. While there usually aren’t any issues with sharing basic computer's specifications and the type of OS you use, you might want to avoid disclosing your user account information or any passwords. 

Of course, you might encounter plenty of people who genuinely care about helping you solve your issue. However, many community platforms attract cyber criminals seeking to exploit unsuspecting users. This is why you should exercise extra care when it comes to sharing any details which could put you or your data at risk.

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