How to get help in Windows 10

Find out how to get expert help and support for Windows 10 from Microsoft and others

The world of Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 operating system can prove a muddled landscape from time to time. Making the most of the platform can lead to confusion, and the prospect of stumbling onto bugs here and there doesn’t make things any better. There’s a learning curve, for sure, for both newbies and seasoned pros who've made the leap from a legacy system such as Windows 7.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re technically-minded, and need a nudge in the right direction, or fresh to the scene and overwhelmed with how to navigate the user interface, everybody needs a hand at some stage. We’ve compiled some of the best resources at your disposal to help you through any issue you may come across. 

Bear in mind, however, a portion of this information has been sourced from the Windows community and we can’t always guarantee the solutions will take effect as claimed. Should you be left in any doubt as to whether a fix may work or not, it would be wise to contact Microsoft directly.


Seeking Windows 10 help from IT Pro's bank of tips, guides and tutorials

We've stocked our In-depth section with a wealth of tips, guides and tutorials for Windows 10 which, altogether, aim to help users answer the most common questions and puzzling issues that may arise while using Microsoft's flagship OS.

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We'll continue to add more to this collection with time, but below you can find listed a handful of helpful guides and tutorials prepared and curated by the IT Pro team:

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You'll find up-to-date news about Windows 10 published on our front page, or in the News section, including announcements and features for the OS, any bugs that have been discovered, and fixes from Microsoft.

Seeking Windows 10 help from Microsoft

For simple or straightforward Windows 10 woes, you'll hopefully be able to resolve your headache using IT Pro resources, but more complex problems may demand a more technical solution from a specialist source. For any issues that you're not sure about or that you don't think you'll be able to fix yourself, we suggest you contact Microsoft directly. It's also what we'd recommend if you'd rather get the news straight from the horse's mouth.

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Microsoft has its own wealth of in-depth resources on its website, as you'd expect, including guides and tutorials for Windows 10 that can be found within its support pages. You can can instead look up the answer to your problem using the Windows 10 built-in support centre if you don't wish to take your search online. You can find this in the Get Help app - and it'll take you straight to the service area. Just type 'Get Help' in the Windows 10 search bar and the OS will connect you with a Microsoft-powered chat bot to answer any of your questions directly.

If you need a direct response from Microsoft, the community forums are also a great way to seek a response. These forums are often monitored by Microsoft staff members who respond to queries whenever they can. .

Another alternative, if your query isn't urgent, is to get in touch with Microsoft Helps via Twitter.

Seeking Windows 10 help from independent experts

Occasionally, you may encounter issues even Microsoft's support team may not be able to help you with. In that case, turning to fellow Windows 10 users and independent experts can be the best way to gather information about how to solve the problems you've encountered.

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For example, if you're attempting to get specialist or older software to work on Windows 10, then getting in touch with the developer manufacturer may be the place to start. You can even seek advice and assistance from their forums, if they have community platforms.

Here are just some of the Windows 10 forums where you can find assistance from fellow users and experts:

You should always take care when surfing forums, looking for advice. You may feel the need to share details about your computer's specifications and OS in order for good Samaritans to assist you, but you should never disclose confidential passwords or user account information to anybody.

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