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Expired certificate to blame for broken Windows 11 apps

Microsoft has released a patch but users are still unable to access the Snipping Tool

Microsoft is warning users that some features in Windows 11 are failing to load due to an expired certificate. 

Apps such as the Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, and the emoji panel are tied to a certificate that expired on 31 October, the tech giant said.

A patch has been issued (KB4006746) to address some of the faults but it is currently in preview and requires a manual installation from the Windows Update panel. This will fix the touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panel, and any problems with the getting started and tips sections of Windows 11.

It doesn't address issues with the Snipping Tool app, however, which currently generates an error when trying to access.

An error message users will see when trying to use the Snipping Tool

Instead, Microsoft recommends users rely on the Print Screen key and paste the result as a screenshot - users can also paste it straight into Paint to edit the image. Some users have also suggested changing the system date back to 30 October and then launching the Snipping Tool, according to The Verge.

The expired certificate is also affecting the accounts page in the settings section of Windows 11 when the S mode and the input method editor UI is enabled.

"We are working on a resolution for Snipping Tool and the S mode only issues and will provide an update when more information is available," Microsoft said.

These latest Windows 11 issues come just a couple of weeks after Microsoft had to issue a patch for a bug that affected AMD CPU performance in the operating system. This caused sluggish performance on Ryzen processors by up to 15% in certain games.

"These problems with Windows 11 highlight the impact that expired and unmanaged certificates can have for both an organisation and its users," said Nick France, CTO at Sectigo, a provider of certificate lifecycle management.

"Forgotten certificates can cause unexpected outages and downtime and may not always be quick or simple to fix. It's critical that every organisation ensures that they not only have an idea of how many certificates they have but also all their certificates, regardless of where they are issued from, are managed and can be replaced well in advance of their expiry date."

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