Policy & legislation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Widely-used cookie walls are flouting GDPR rules

Only 12% of third-party consent-seeking banners and notifications meet minimum requirements
13 Jan 2020
data governance

Brexit security talks under threat after UK accused of illegally copying Schengen data

"This is not a partner we can work with under these conditions," says Dutch MEP
10 Jan 2020

Testing for compliance just became easier

How you can use technology to ensure compliance in your organisation
10 Jan 2020
data protection

Currys PC World parent firm hit with £500k fine over historic data breach

Hackers said to have stolen data belonging to 14 million customers over a nine-month period
9 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

Tech firms lobby EU over harmful content liability

Companies are desperate to avoid the sanctions for failing to remove content but admit some oversight is needed
7 Jan 2020
IT regulation

HP awarded $439m in long-running price-fixing case

Quanta told to pay HP for optical drive price fixing
6 Jan 2020
information governancewhitepaper

Building a modern information governance strategy

How to rethink your approach to develop a more modern information governance strategy
3 Jan 2020
data protection

Box CEO: Most internet users will ditch privacy for online services

Exec claims introduction of Californian privacy act won't have much of an impact on businesses
3 Jan 2020
Policy & legislation

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know

Does your organisation comply with the toughest ever set of data protection rules?
23 Dec 2019
data breaches

Thief swipes sensitive details of 30,000 Facebook employees

Stolen hard drives contained personal banking information including payroll data
16 Dec 2019
GDPR readiness
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

German telecoms firm slapped with €10m GDPR fine

People could access sensitive customer data in some cases by only providing a name and date of birth
12 Dec 2019
data protection

ORG claims voter profiles are inaccurate and illegal

Open Rights Group demands leading parties stop using claimants data for microtargeting election campaigns
9 Dec 2019
data protection

UK-US data flow agreement could involve watering down standards

Leaked documents suggest the Privacy Shield will eventually make way for a much deeper trans-Atlantic relationship
6 Dec 2019
Policy & legislation

Boris Johnson suggests UK will side with US over Huawei exclusion

His comments were made to world leaders at the Nato summit in Watford
5 Dec 2019
Policy & legislation

Boris Johnson commits to UK tech tax despite US pressure

Trump warned this week that 100% tariffs would be slapped on French goods if its own tax plans went ahead
4 Dec 2019
data processing

Google's data collection to be scrutinised by EU antitrust investigators

The firm faces another probe into its business practices following US investigations in September
2 Dec 2019
European Union Parliament Flags
data protection

European Parliament under investigation over election data sharing

Legislature used a third-party firm thought to be at the centre of electoral controversy in the UK and US
29 Nov 2019

Understanding the must-haves of modern data protection

Go beyond traditional backup and recovery
29 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

German double murderer wins 'right to be forgotten' case

The latest in a long line of high-profile cases to result in a win for the complainant
28 Nov 2019
data governance

Canadian watchdog says Brexit data firm broke privacy laws

AggregateIQ didn't do enough to ensure it had the right to share voter information with Facebook, report says
27 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

Uber denied licence to operate in London

Ride-hailing company has just 21 days to appeal the decision
25 Nov 2019
internet security

Sir Tim Berners-Lee champions new rules designed to 'fix the internet'

The internet luminary wants the tech industry and governments to hold each other to account
25 Nov 2019
Careers & training

Interest in UK tech roles slips amid Brexit crisis

Fears mount over UK skills shortfall as searches for European tech roles continues to boom
22 Nov 2019
Hacked camera

Facebook and Google data harvesting ‘violates human rights’

Amnesty International report rails against tech giants for creating a “golden age of surveillance”
21 Nov 2019