Policy & legislation

Policy & legislation

ICO concerned by mass health data-sharing with advertisers

The distribution of special category data has set data protection alarm bells ringing
13 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

Microsoft commits to honouring California Consumer Privacy Act nationwide

It's the first company to make such a promise, but it might not be as rose-tinted as it seems
12 Nov 2019
Apple Card
artificial intelligence (AI)

Apple co-founder Wozniak echoes sexist Apple Card allegation

Consumers claim Apple credit limits are ten times larger for men
11 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

Breaking up big tech 'will cause more problems', says EU

If Mark Zuckerberg put action behind his words 'we would see change rapidly', Vestager says
8 Nov 2019
Police Sign
Computer Misuse Act

237 police officers disciplined over computer misuse

FOI request reveals UK forces failing basic IT best practices
8 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

German housing giant fined £12.5m for GDPR violations

The firm’s archive system held onto highly sensitive data from bank statements to health insurance records
7 Nov 2019
cyber security

The EU calls for cyber security pact with post-Brexit UK

Debates need to focus on a cooperative data protection plan, according to Brexit negotiator
6 Nov 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns politicians against misusing data in 2019 election

Parties are reminded to follow the law in light of threats of data abuse and voter targeting
5 Nov 2019
Face being scanned by facial recognition tech
Information Commissioner

ICO calls for police to curb their use of facial recognition

Data commissioner says authorities need to 'stop and take a breath'
1 Nov 2019
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
file servers

Our 5-minute guide to Managed File Transfer

The ins and outs of MFT: What it is and why it surpasses the competition
1 Nov 2019
information governancewhitepaper

Building a modern information governance strategy

How to rethink your approach to develop a more modern information governance strategy
30 Oct 2019
The Facebook logo photographed with rope laid over it as if to resemble imprisonment
data protection

Facebook agrees to pay £500,000 ICO fine

However, the social media giant has made no admission of liability
30 Oct 2019
NHS Trust building

NHS pagers expose medical data

Radio hobbyists can intercept sensitive data through emergency communications
30 Oct 2019
finger above Facebook icon
artificial intelligence (AI)

Facebook’s reliance on AI threatens Muslim minorities

Tech isn’t stopping violent rhetoric on Facebook, and Zuckerberg refuses to correct false political ads, claims Avaaz
29 Oct 2019
Offline society disconnect
Policy & legislation

Why do so many Brits still not use the web?

Nearly a fifth of people describe themselves as ‘non-users’
27 Oct 2019
.eu domain name
IT regulation

Plans to block UK businesses from .eu domains put on hold

Deadline of 1 January 2020 scrapped following Commons Brexit vote
25 Oct 2019

Libra will make Facebook money through adverts

Zuckerberg says ad space will be awarded to the highest bidder, potentially raising the cost of online advertisement
24 Oct 2019
A pile of 50 euro bank notes
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR: Where does the fine money go?

With eye-watering penalties rolling in, the limits of the regulations are about to be tested
23 Oct 2019
police data protection
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Do you need to employ a data protection officer?

The rules surrounding data protection are changing, and so is the requirement to identify a responsible member of staff
21 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

EU raises "serious concerns" over Microsoft's data practices

EPDS tells EU organisations that outsourcing any data processing means they’re still responsible
21 Oct 2019
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Seven steps to GDPR compliance

Follow these seven rules and your business can still thrive under the new data protection laws
21 Oct 2019
The UK prime minister Boris Johnson standing by a lecturn
Policy & legislation

Tech isn't magic and politicians should know that

Two more failed government IT projects fall on the scrapheap, but it doesn't have to be this way
18 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know

Does your organisation comply with the toughest ever set of data protection rules?
16 Oct 2019
Zuckerberg in front of car
Policy & legislation

Delete Facebook hashtag trends

Zuckerberg reportedly hosts dinners with conservative influencers and Republican lawmakers
15 Oct 2019