The Transporter appliance lands in UK to tackle Dropbox

Device allows users to create a private cloud and share files with any user.

Start-up firm Connected Data has launched its connected storage drive in Europe, which allows users to create a private cloud and share files with anyone.

The Transporter is aimed at SMBs and home users. The hard drive inside the device is able to latch onto a network using either the RJ45 jack or by plugging a wireless dongle into the USB 2 port.  

The appliance is compatible with any 2.5in drives regardless of the manufacturer giving each storage unit a total capacity of 2TB.

Users requiring more storage can buy multiple devices and daisy-chain them together if required.

Connected Data claims the Transporter is able to give users advantages over popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

All data is stored locally on the Transporter, and not third party servers. However, the ability to create a private cloud means it is possible to grant friends, family or colleagues access to files, much like you can with Dropbox. Shared files are encrypted and transferred directly between users in a P2P connection.

The Transporter offers flexible connectivity too, the firm claims. Users can choose to sync particular folders and share others. Advanced features include the ability to throttle the bandwidth. This is useful for users who want to transfer large files to another user but still need to access a high-speed connection.

Connected Data has also launched Android and iOS apps, so the storage unit will work with devices such as iPads and Nexus 7 tablets.

In terms of pricing, the Transporter is available for a one-off fee and there are no subscriptions. Pricing starts at 179 without a hard drive. This rises to  249 with a 1TB drive included and 325 if you choose to have a 2TB drive.

The appliance will be available from retailers including Dabs, Expansys and Transparent Communications starting in June.

Connected Data claims that enterprises including those in the financial, film and construction industries are using the devices to share and sync large files. The firm is looking into making an enterprise specific device which could have features such as deduplicaton, but nothing has been confirmed.

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