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Server & storage

Firms not prepared for outages

IT leaders struggle with complexity, but have shunned machine learning as a solution
31 May 2018
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Meet Google One, the cloud giant's new paid storage tier

The cloud service will be cheaper than current plans and will offer a whole lot more
16 May 2018
Microsoft Azure

Azure at the heart of Microsoft's revenue growth

Microsoft puts 16% year-on-year growth in revenue down to customers' digital innovation
27 Apr 2018
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Sundar Pichai: Google Cloud is landing more strategic deals

GCP's security and machine learning features are attracting more enterprises to the platform, says CEO
25 Apr 2018
Cloud rain
cloud security

Research dampens claims cloud providers are GDPR-ready

Skills shortage, malicious attack, and shadow IT comprise greatest concerns with cloud adoption
16 Apr 2018
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Gartner: Cloud giants' dominance poses challenges for users

Top 10 providers could gain "unchecked influence" over customers
12 Apr 2018
cloud hosting

Legacy IT and RoI fears limit public sector's cloud appetite

FoI reveals low level of cloud adoption among central government and NHS
27 Feb 2018
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Alibaba Cloud plays host to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The collaboration offers a scalable pay-as-you-go platform for developers to manage apps and build virtualised environments
23 Feb 2018
FedEx Express 2

FedEx locks down unsecured Amazon S3 server that leaked data

Data belonging to more than 119,000 citizens was discovered on an unsecured server
16 Feb 2018
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Questions for your cloud provider

Getting things straight at the beginning of a relationship can save you a world of pain later on
13 Feb 2018
cloud computing

95% of data centre traffic will come from cloud by 2021

Volume of data will lead to more hyperscale cloud facilities, report predicts
6 Feb 2018
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Google claims to be 'fastest growing' public cloud provider

The search giant had its first $1bn quarter in cloud revenue
2 Feb 2018
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AWS revenues soar to help Amazon hit $3bn profit

Cloud infrastructure appetites show no sign of slowing down
2 Feb 2018
Private cloud
private cloud

UK firms prioritise private cloud over public cloud

Spending survey finds large businesses will opt for large public providers
2 Feb 2018
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Microsoft Azure revenue up 98% as it closes gap on AWS

Forrester cites innovation as key to Microsoft's success
1 Feb 2018

60% of enterprises plan to shift to the cloud by 2020

Business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are the most popular application of the cloud
19 Jan 2018
The Googleplex Google HQ by Trey Ratcliff on Flickr
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Google builds three subsea cables to connect its datacentres

The cables will connect Chile to Los Angeles, the US to Denmark and Ireland and Hong Kong to Guam
17 Jan 2018
cloud security

Cloud security is top priority for 83% of organisations

Companies prize strong cloud defences above all else
4 Jan 2018

Security flaw 'affects all Intel chips from the last decade'

But an OS-level fix could drastically affect device performance - report
3 Jan 2018
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure deploysAMD chips for storage workloads

The move will help AMD target Intel's server market share
6 Dec 2017
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Intel's Diane Bryant named as Google Cloud's COO

GCP's CEO and COO are now both women and named Diane
1 Dec 2017
big data
cloud computing

Google launches Cloud Dataprep public beta

Cloud Dataprep is aimed at making data preparation easier for analysts
22 Sep 2017
cloud computing

Google Cloud announces Dedicated Interconnect

Google want to make it easier for businesses to connect to the cloud
8 Sep 2017
Migrate to cloud button on keyboard
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3 tips to make shifting enterprise apps to the cloud easy

Moving enterprise applications to a public cloud can reduce costs and increase agility
31 Jul 2017