Bett 2017 show preview - what should you definitely see?

Here's our pick of the most intriguing talks at Bett 2017

Friday 27 January

Safeguarding against radicalisation in primary school

Learn Live: Primary 10.30-11.00

CEO of teaching infrastructure The LearnScape, Katja Schipperheijn, will talk about the contentious subject of radicalisation of young children via social media. How should teachers approach this matter with their students?

Heston Blumenthal

Bett Arena 13.30-14.15

Known for his experimental approach to cooking, Heston Blumenthal will be bringing his cuisine mindset to education, with a talk titled "Is the answer to question everything?" Er. Yes?

(Above: Heston Blumenthal, Credit: Andrew Kneebone)

Using video observation and data to tangibly improve classroom practice

Bett Futures 15.20-15.40

This session will look at the use of video recording, as a way to observe lessons and identify good practices. That might be useful for some educators, but where do you draw the line between observation and surveillance - and what does this level of monitoring mean for the privacy of pupils?

Live video streaming to give students a window into different career paths

Bett Futures 15.50-16.10

Another interesting use of video in the classroom: using live streaming to give students an insight into what it's like to work in different industries. Antony Jinman, founder of careers advice platform LikeToBe (and who also happens to be a polar explorer), will talk about streaming as a way for students to talk to professionals in real-time.

Sir Ken Robinson

Bett Arena 16.30-17.30

Famed educationist Ken Robinson returns to Bett to deliver a keynote on what can be done to transform the UK's education system. Based on the title of his talk - "Creative schools: The grassroots revolution that's transforming education" - expect an espousal of teaching centered on creativity, not standardised tests.

Saturday 28 January

Demystifying virtual reality in the classroom

Bett Futures 10.30-11.00

The educational benefits of virtual reality have been talked up for what seems like forever. What is actually out there, and how applicable is it for schools that might not have enormous budgets to spend on new technology? This session will outline how VR is being used to help teach subjects ranging from science to history.

Teaching a 'lost generation': Stories and learnings from the schools of refugee camps

Bett Futures 12.25-12.55

Natalie Scott, winner of TES teacher blogger of the year 2016, will lead a session looking at the work of teachers who have come together across the UK and mainland Europe to work with refugees.

A Fun Science Q&A with Charlie McDonnell

Bett Arena 13.05-13.45

YouTube personality Charlie McDonnell has made a name for himself with videos full of breathy excitement for science. He'll be at Bett talking about his first book - Fun Science: A Guide To Life, The Universe And Why Science Is So Awesome. As well as speaking about his love for all things scientific, expect the vlogger to talk about his life and career to date.

Micro:bit - A Year On

Bett Arena 14.00-14.45

It has been around a year since the BBC micro:bit was rolled out to schoolchildren across the UK. Zach Shelby, CEO of the micro:bit Foundation, will talk about the impact of the free device, and where the microchip could be heading over the next few years.

Main image credit: Bett Press Zone

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