SAP updates pricing structure for indirect access to services

The company has introduced Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, and Indirect Static Read payment options


SAP has made a formal announcement around its pricing and licensing structure, which instead of penalising those using indirect methods to access data gleaned from the SAP system, will include Indirect Static Read as part of the software license fee.

"We recognise that traditional approaches to business are being replaced by newer, more transparent, modern ways of thinking and acting," Hala Zeine, SAP's corporate development officer said in a blog post. "Which is why we are committed to modernising our pricing approach."

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She explained that the read-only data is the company's data, not SAP's, or any other third party that may have been used to extract that data. Therefore, it should be made accessible without a huge charge. The company said taking this step is an industry first.

The company also said that anyone concerned they have, in the past, been under-licensing, would not be punished for doing so.

"SAP assures customers who proactively engage with SAP to resolve such under-licensing of SAP software that we will not collect back maintenance payments for such under-licensing," Zeine added.

She added that the company won't over-charge those who wish to switch their licensing agreement, instead, providing them with the tools they need to make their business work, including offering credit for already licensed products so they can update the metrics.

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SAP added it would be basing pricing model for the Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash options on orders, because basing it on a measurable outcome for businesses reflects modern practices.

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"Customers that want to win in a modern, digital world need a partner that is willing to reimagine their own processes to drive success in a digital economy," Zeine explained. "What I can assure every customer is that at SAP with the unwavering support of CEO Bill McDermott and every SAP employee is that your voice matters."

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