Privacy Shield security concept
safe harbour

What is EU-US Privacy Shield?

A look at the current framework US companies rely on to transfer data to and from the European Union
30 Sep 2019
Github code
safe harbour

GitHub cuts maximum payment limits on bug bounty programme

Code repository now offers up to £30,000 for the discovery of critical vulnerabilities
20 Feb 2019
child using a smartphone possibly in an abusive situation
Policy & legislation

Government expands child safety group to cover wider public

The council will focus on combating online harm, extremism, and violence against women, among other areas
27 Jul 2018
data protection

Privacy Shield should be suspended, say MEPs

Committee cites Cambridge Analytica scandal and CLOUD Act as obstacles
13 Jun 2018
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Safe Harbour replaced with EU-US Privacy Shield

The new agreement may take effect from July if both parties agree on its directions
27 Jun 2016
data protection

EDPS says Privacy Shield not robust enough

Giovanni Buttarelli said the European Commission needs to develop a longer-term solution for sharing data across continents
1 Jun 2016
data protection

Has the US forced Reddit to secretly hand over user data?

Disappearance of "warrant canary" seen as tacit admission of government data request
1 Apr 2016
public sector

Would a Brexit weaken data privacy in the UK?

Data privacy should be a central issue in debate of EU referendum pros and cons
26 Feb 2016
data protection

Why Privacy Shield will fail to protect our data

Safe Harbour’s replacement is based entirely on trust - what a big mistake
8 Feb 2016
data protection

EU throws US data transfers into doubt – again

Europe’s data watchdog refuses to extend Safe Harbour grace period
4 Feb 2016
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Will the new Safe Harbour deal really protect your data?

Businesses and campaigners react to Privacy Shield, the new EU-US data transfer agreement
2 Feb 2016

Firms will suffer if Safe Harbour deal fails, Obama warned

Trade groups warn Obama and Juncker over consequences if no new data pact is agreed
19 Jan 2016
EU to scrap roaming charges within two years
Business strategy

New Safe Harbour proposals 'must include suspension clause'

EU: We should instantly stop sharing data with US if privacy under threat
11 Dec 2015

US and EU must reach new Safe Harbour deal by January 2016

EU regulators committed to "coordinated enforcement actions" against violators
20 Oct 2015