Bomgar unlocks The Vault at RSA Conference 2016

Security firm launches new password management system in San Francisco

A padlock on a motherboard surrounded by keys

Access management firm Bomgar has today unveiled a new password vault service at RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco.

Named Bomgar Vault, the new offering helps companies secure, manage and administer shared credentials for privileged users and IT vendors.

According to the company, this improves security, compliance and productivity by giving back control of privileged credentials to IT, while also allowing them to manage and rotate passwords.

The service is based on a technology acquisition made in December, which can help security professionals scan their network to rapidly find privileged credentials, see if they are active and examine the age of each password.

IT administrators can also import credentials in bulk to build a list of accounts that require management to be locked into the vault, where they can be managed, restricted and logged.

Stuart Facey, EMEA VP of Bomgar, told IT Pro: "Many companies have come from the password vault and extended themselves into the connectivity side. We came from the connectivity side and then added on the password vault. It's a totally different approach, because we think the connectivity is rather important, not just the vault."

"Often, people try to protect the endpoints - the server, for example," Facey explained. "We're about getting to that endpoint securely and, once you get there, limiting where you can go and in the whole process making sure it's all audited. It's getting there and when you're there what can you do and what can't you do."

Will Culbert, Bomgar director of solutions engineering, added that the product should be seen in the wider context of Bomgar's offerings

"It's designed to be joined-up thinking -- access management and then connectivity to the target system," he said.

"Our objective is not to expose passwords to anybody, so the concept of checking out a password is something we would like to make an old concept. Instead you should have an approved federated identity within an infrastructure so you are able to then connect into it during a certain change control window or during your operating hours," Culbert explained.

As well as being compatible with the company's other products, Bomgar Vault can also be integrated into third-party multifactor authentication systems to further enhance security of accounts.

The product is not yet generally available, however, with the company only saying it is coming "soon".

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