How enterprises are embracing cyber security challenges

Enterprises across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are undergoing a significant transformation


Enterprises across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are undergoing what is perhaps the most significant transformation in a generation, moving resources and relationships into the digital realm. But the emerging digital world is exposing organisations to new security risks.

Although tens of billions of connected digital devices are expected this year, 69% of companies have basic or no understanding of their exposure to cyber risks. In addition ransomware attacks have increased threefold, and the economic impact of cybercrime has risen fivefold since 2013.

This report, based on a Forbes Insights survey of 650+ enterprises across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, explores the state of cybersecurity in these regions, and how the perceptions of business leaders and security practitioners vary on these issues.

It also provides recommendations on how companies in these regions can better protect their businesses.

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