Fujitsu Server Primergy RX1330 M4 review: One cool customer

A beautifully designed and affordable Xeon E rack server with room to grow and commendably low power usage

  • Great value; Clever internal layout; Good heat management; Powerful
  • Management software leaves a little to be desired

Fujitsu's Primergy servers have always had a sharp focus on energy efficiency and the RX1330 M4 is no exception. Despite its quality hardware specification, we measured the system on review drawing an incredibly low 18W in idle and spiking at only 70W with its 3.3GHz 4-core Xeon E-2124 CPU under maximum load.

The Cool-safe chassis design is responsible for this as the prevalence of honeycomb air grills, dedicated airflow channels and predominantly cable-free internal layout allow the fans to run slower and consume less power. Another bonus is reduced noise levels with the SPLnFFT iOS app on our iPad measuring only 37.2dB at one metre making it ideal for small offices that don't want the extra expense of a sound-proof cabinet.

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The RX1330 M4 excels in the storage department as along with the 4 LFF bay model on review, Fujitsu offers versions with 8 and 10 hot-swap SFF bays. Even better, the 10-bay model supports up to four PCI-E NVMe SSDs, although you will also need to specify a PRAID EP540i or EP580i dual-function RAID controller.

Our system includes two 960GB SFF SSDs teamed up with Fujitsu's PRAID EP400i PCI-E card which delivers SATA and SAS3 support along with RAID5 and 6 arrays. Costs can be reduced with the cold-swap LFF model that uses the C246 chipset to provide simple mirrors and stripes managed in software.

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Other storage features include dual embedded M.2 SSD slots where one supports SATA modules and the second can handle NVMe cards as well. The microSD card slot is employed by the optional embedded Lifecycle management (eLCM) tool which uses it to store OS images and server updates.

You can run an embedded hypervisor with Fujitsu's dual microSD 64GB enterprise card which costs 120. It supports mirroring and is easily installed in the motherboard's internal USB 3 port.

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Fujitsu's iRMC S5 management controller presents an informative web console with plenty of information about critical components plus everything you need to know about power consumption. To enable video redirection for OS remote control and virtual media services, you'll need an iRMC Advanced license which costs 230.

The elderly ServerView systems management suite is looking well past its prime but Fujitsu offers its Infrastructure Manager (ISM) software with the Essentials version free of charge. Run on a VMware, Hyper-V or KVM host system, it's designed for larger business but unfortunately, you can't use it to manage the RX1330 M4 as ISM is only compatible with Fujitsu's next M5 generation of servers.

Lifting the lid reveals a well-designed interior that is, indeed, remarkably cable free. The CPU and four DIMM slots are covered by a small plastic air shroud and cooling is handled by a bank of five hot-swap dual-rotor fans located in front.

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Expansion looks good as even with the EP400i RAID card installed, there are two more low-profile PCI-E slots up for grabs. Dual Gigabit ports are standard and Fujitsu's iRMC S5 remote management chip gets a dedicated Gigabit port as well.

The server includes a 450W hot-plug PSU and it has another trick as you can add a second redundant PSU or slip in Fujitsu's battery backup module (FJBU). Costing 315, the FJBU does way with the need for a separate UPS as its Windows management tool will gracefully power the server down in the event of a black-out lasting longer than 4 minutes.

The Primergy RX1330 M4 is ideal for SMEs that want a scalable Xeon E rack server and have an eye on the environment. It offers a powerful hardware package at a great price while its smart internal design keeps energy consumption to an absolute minimum.


The Fujitsu Primergy RX1330 M4 is ideal for SMEs that want a scalable Xeon E rack server and have an eye on the environment. It offers a powerful hardware package at a great price while its smart internal design keeps energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

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1U rack chassis 3.3GHz 4-core Xeon E-2124 16GB 2,667MHz DDR4 ECC (max 64GB) Intel C246 Fujitsu PRAID EP400i Supports RAID0, 1, 10, 5, 6 2 x 960GB SATA SSDs (max 4 LFF/10 SFF) 2 x M.2 SSD slots 3 x PCI-E 3 2 x Gigabit 450W hot-plug PSU (max 2) Fujitsu iRMC S5 Standard with Gigabit 3 years on-site NBD warranty Power 18W idle, 70W peak

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