smart city

smart city

Smart Cities: Living in intelligent spaces

As communications networks expand and the built environment becomes intelligent, how will smart cities provide new ways of living and working?
17 May 2020
smart city

Sidewalk Labs scraps Smart City project over economic uncertainty

Coronavirus-fueled economic uncertainty spells the end of the line for the Smart City
8 May 2020
smart city

Poor data is killing the smart city dream

Cisco’s UK smart city chief blasts those “patting themselves on the back” for releasing messy data
7 May 2020
smart city

£90 million ‘future transport zones’ will fuel UK smart cities

Smart city projects include using drones to deliver medical supplies and data to smarten up bus routes
16 Mar 2020
smart city

Smart motorways aren’t smart enough

Free sat-nav apps could limit the dangers of so-called smart motorways, says Barry Collins
8 Mar 2020
smart city

Mayor of London calls for more data sharing

The ten-year anniversary of City Hall’s London Datastore is marked with calls to open up access between datasets
9 Jan 2020
smart city

Toyota plans smart city for Japan

Car giant will build a prototype on 175-acre area at the base of Mount Fuji for its employees
7 Jan 2020
Driverless car
Business strategy

Uber car involved in fatal crash had software flaws

However, US investigators still haven't determined the probable cause for the accident
6 Nov 2019
Smart city concept - smart cities
smart city

Are smart cities a disaster waiting to happen?

Urban IoT promises to provide better healthcare, utilities, education and policing, but the cost to privacy could be high
21 Aug 2019
Data & insights

ICO warns tech industry to rebuild public trust or face ruin

Regulator says innovation at risk of backlash akin to GM food scandal
14 May 2019

2020 vision: The tech predictions we got right and wrong

Jetpacks? Flying cars? We explore the predictions we got right about 2020, and where our crystal ball went haywire
15 Mar 2019
Cardiff bay, Wales
Network & Internet

Wales in danger of being left behind in 5G adoption

With network coverage lagging behind the rest of the UK, changes must be made to infrastructure in order to keep up with the pack
24 Jan 2019
smart city

Firms challenged to collaborate to build a UK 'digital twin'

Data sharing and plugging the skills gap must precede any meaningful attempts to digitise the UK infrastructure
22 Jan 2019
Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS and Tigerspike team up on smart city platform

AWS, SSE and Tigerspike will develop SSE's Mayflower smart city platform, connecting sensors and devices
15 Jan 2019

A day in the life of a smart city dweller

How a truly connected life could spell the end of traffic jams, potholes and the weekly shop
14 Jan 2019
Map of UK over keyboard
smart city

Mobileye and Ordnance Survey launch mapping data project

The initiative will boost smart city projects with higher accuracy mapping
9 Jan 2019
Data & insights

Enough is enough: It's time to get us out of this jam

We don't need smart motorways to ease traffic congestion, we need smartphone satnavs
29 Dec 2018
smart city

BlackBerry aims to secure smart cities with SCMS

The company is inviting public sector organisations and automated car manufacturers too apply
11 Dec 2018
energy efficiency

Microgrids may be the solution to UK business energy demands

Since the government's 'Smart Power' push in 2016, the cost of entry for local energy generation has fallen sharply
26 Oct 2018
Internet of Things (IoT)

Google brings AI to edge devices

The cloud giant's new TPU chip makes it possible for IoT devices to run machine learning models
26 Jul 2018
smart city

Smart city spending to hit $158bn by 2022

London is one of the top spenders on smart city technology
26 Jul 2018

Government prepares UK for 5G with full fibre rollout

New proposals to replace copper wire networks, prioritise rural areas and lay foundations for 5G coverage
23 Jul 2018
Network & Internet

First Vodafone and CityFibre Gigabit broadband homes go live

Fifty homes in Milton Keynes will benefit from blistering 1000Mbps speeds in landmark trial
19 Jul 2018